For such a time as this.

I haven’t put a lot of rules out there on this little blog because I fancy it to be a non-threatening place in which you stop by, read my ramblings about God and how He guides these little lives of ours, and hopefully, leave with your cup filled even just a tiny bit.

I’m by no means a “big blogger” and that’s OK.  There’s really only one follower I would worry about unsubscribing and luckily, I know He never will.  Whew.

However, recently some stuff has popped up that I feel I’m going to need to address so we are all on the same page and can move forward, thankyouverymuch.

I love to hear from you.  I don’t always get the chance to respond to your words but rest assured, you all teach me so much.  You force me to think beyond my box and you’re quick to throw out a “me, too” when I feel like I’m alone.

Since I don’t want ONE SINGLE READER to feel a threat when they visit “Mommy on Fire”, I am going to issue the following stance on comments.  Then, we’ll move on to happier things:

Here at “Mommy on Fire”, I value each of your thoughts, ideas, and opinions.  I believe that God knit us together beautifully and uniquely which accounts for our different views on various happenstances in life.  However, please note that I will remove any comments that I deem to be hurtful to anyone else in any way.  This includes blatant criticisms of another person as well as subtle (in which only other readers know the comment is directed at them but still hurtful nonetheless).  Please also note that I do believe in free speech; however, not here.  I will fiercely protect my readers and if “free speech” causes someone to not want to visit this site, that “free speech” will be removed for the overall good of the cause.

Glad we got that out of the way.  Moving on.

The Advent Season is one I readily welcome every year on the day after Thanksgiving.  I love to “deck the halls”, start playing our Christmas music (it’s official when my husband plays “Mele Kalikimaka”), and adorning the outside with white (yes, sweetheart.  White.) lights.

Establishing traditions in my young family is critical to me.  I have wonderful memories from childhood holidays and I know it’s due to the magic in which my mother shrouded each one.

In her article on “Christmas Organizing”,  Allison Wood’s writes “traditions provide stability. Activities that are observed year in and year out become a means by which family members can build trust and security. Regardless of what else may happen, the traditions will not change. So much in our lives these days is temporary. Family traditions provide something for every person to hold on to and to rely upon.”

As we embark upon this season, here are a few holiday traditions the Snapps are enjoying – I so want to hear about yours as well so please comment and share today:

“The Elf on the Shelf” is all kinds of fun – we named ours “Freddy”.  Not super original but easy to remember.

Type “Elf on the Shelf” on YouTube and watch some great elf footage as well.

And yes, Virginia.  We do Santa.  Proudly.  But we emphasize the real “St. Nick” through books like

Saint Nicholas:  The Real Story of the Christmas Legend

By Julie Steigemeyer

I discovered this book last year and we started a new tradition of celebrating “St. Nick’s Day” on December 6 in which the kids leave their shoes out and chocolate coins are left inside for a morning treat.  Yes, I’m slightly crazy to allow chocolate coins first thing in the morning but it’s just once a year…

Though we do indeed do the Santa thing, I will say that we de-emphasize him a bit so our children get that it’s not about Santa but about Jesus.  Later this week, I’m going to share some of my favorite children’s books for teaching the “reason for the season.”

We also began celebrating the season of Advent last year – we purchased an Advent wreath and lit a new candle each Sunday evening while talking about their significance.

And lastly, Christmas jammies.  New ones.  On Christmas Eve night.

What traditions do you have with your family during the season of Christ’s birth?

My list of 1,000 things continues…I am so thankful for:

200.  A Thanksgiving with loved ones and fun

201.  Time to slow down.  Really.

202.  A night out to see “Tangled” with my sweet girl and some other pals

203.  Listening to Sawyer sing “Jesus Loves Me”

204.  A great book – “Room” by Emma Donoghue (thanks for the recommendation, Susan!)

205.  Plum Bread season is back!  Recipe to follow…

206.  Decking the halls

207.  The smell of “Christmas Tree” in my Scentsy burner

208.  Being able to eat at a restaurant without everyone having a meltdown, vomiting, throwing food, screaming, annoyed stares from child-free patrons.  Life DOES get a little easier as the kids get older.

209.  Drinking water at said restaurant to make our own sacrifices so we can give to others – no one seemed to suffer much and we saved $10 off our bill.

210.  Good wine – enjoying the season of reds…

211.  Family traditions that bond us together in His name

212.  No mice in our Christmas boxes this year!

213.  Solomon’s precious two year old speech – “C’mon, Bro Bro”!

214.  A baby who is thinking about using the potty and a mommy whose heart hurts a bit to not have one in diapers (Yes.  It’s official.  I’m nuts.)

215.  Hot chocolate and marshmallows

May your week be filled with traditions – new and old.  May your heart be open to hearing Him and remembering why we celebrate this time of the year in the first place.

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