NOTE:  On Friday, I issued a challenge in which I asked you to wear a cross around your neck each day in December and represent to the world what the hands and feet of Christ resemble.  Please let me know if 1) you are accepting this challenge and 2) if you are under economic hardship and need a cross to wear.  My email address is

It’s official.  On Wednesday, it will be a year since I began this little project called “Mommy on Fire”.

In September of 2009, I sat in a writing break-out of the MOPS Convention in Nashville, TN and began to pray as I waited for the session to begin.

I asked God to show me, as I sat and listened about how to write for God, what He wanted me to do with it.

He did.

By the time I exited the session, I had already searched for the domain availability of “Mommy on Fire.”

It was open.  I bought.

And here we are.

My brain hurts from all I have learned during this past year.  I won’t drone on about these valuable lessons but I will say this:  I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams through the people I have met through this blog.

You people who care to read the words God places in my heart?  I adore you.  You move me.  You force me to think and grow and I love you for that.

I’m a little more lighthearted today because later this week is December 8 and it always tends to be somewhat of a melancholic day for me.  I will be re-posting my first ever post tomorrow and you will understand why this is so.

But today?  We are doing our first-ever giveaway to celebrate the birth of “Mommy on Fire”, yes, but most importantly, to celebrate the birth of a Savior born over 2,000 years ago.

Have I ever mentioned that Dayspring is absolutely my most favorite place to purchase gifts?  In fact, I just ordered our Christmas cards from them and when they arrive, I’ll virtually give one to you.

While  attending Relevant 2010, we were offered a chance to review a few products to try out and review in exchange for a $20 Dayspring  gift certificate for one lucky reader.

I received the “Jesus is the Gift” platter and I have to say, it’s stunningly beautiful.  I decided it was too stunningly beautiful to tuck away and use only for entertaining, so it became a Christmas decoration and it’s now my favorite:

Here’s a closer view:

So you can win a $20 gift certificate to Dayspring (you will pay for shipping and handling but if your order is over $50, it’s free!) by:

Leaving a comment and telling me what you love the most about our Jesus.  That’s it.

I will use the Random Selector ON FRIDAY (so you have all week!) to pick our winner so no worries – you will not be selected based on the quality of your answer.  Whew.

Follow me if you want to follow me.  You can do so through RSS Feed at the top of the page or via E-mail found in the sidebar.  Please do not follow my blog if you don’t like it.  I will not make you do that to be a winner –  I want you to follow because you DESIRE to follow, not because you wanted to win something.

Follow me on Twitter if you want to follow me on Twitter.  You can do so by clicking on “Join the Conversation” in the sidebar.  I admit that I’m still a Twitter newbie and not on it a TON but I do Twitter at least once a day (except weekends when I lay all social media down.)

Lastly, say a prayer to our God and thank Him for the abundant blessings He has given you and ask Him to reveal how He will use you this upcoming year.

Other Dayspring products I love:

This stretched canvas print that hangs above the Snapp children’s coat hooks.  The verse on the pot is Psalm 121:8:  “The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore”.

This clay cross necklace?  LOVE. IT.

Their jewelry is wonderful.  Their gifts are amazing.  Their message is the very best part of all.  Good luck to you!

Holy cow.  This post is already too long so I will only include five…On this Multitude Monday, my list of 1,000 things continues…I am so thankful for:

216.  Playing in the four inches of snow we received on Saturday and snapping photos like this:

217.  Our first full-sized snowman (Susannah was at a birthday party):

218.  A quiet night at home with Ham and Bean Soup (Hoosier girl through and through)

219.  A glowing fire in the fireplace

220.  A day of happy memories made

May your week be blessed with health and faith, which is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see.  May you choose to see Him.

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