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This is a re-post from December 22, 2009; however, it was one that raised a lot questions and provoked some thoughts so I decided to publish it again for the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood with Jen at “Finding Heaven”. Go and visit these ladies – you will find some profound writers there, friends.

We’re all feeling a bit of a “Christmas hangover” this week.

Yes, I realize the holiday has yet to come but this morning I found one of the wisemen from our Little People Nativity facedown under our Christmas tree (too much frankinsence?  Myrrh? Both?).  And as I mention Christmas trees, I am reminded that the middle section of lights has GONE OUT on our not-so-cheap PRE-LIT investment of a new tree we made last year.

Susannah proclaimed yesterday while driving that she “simply cannot wait ONE MORE DAY for Christmas to get here.  When is it coming, mama?”  I remember well – the last days before Christmas were excruciatingly long when I was a young pup.

In addition, the rule of “ornaments stay on the TREE” that has been spoken firmly (I always added “honey” or “sweetie” at the end)  over my children throughout the season is being ignored – I found our Frosty ornament in the downstairs bathroom and a shattered Christmas ball in our kitchen (not naming names on who did this but he is 17 months old…) I am tired of picking up shredded tissue paper as Sawyer LOVES it and particularly loves to tear it up. I am not sure I can watch Rudolph ONE MORE TIME even though I love it so. I cleaned out pieces of chicken from our Advent wreath last night (its on our dinner table).  You get my drift.

So alright – before you think I am going “bah-humbug” on you, I must share that despite these funnies that inevitably go along with this beloved holiday, I love Christmas so very much.  Mostly because we are celebrating the birth of a man I hold dearest to my heart – Jesus.  I don’t for one moment lose sight of what we are doing.  It is about Him.   He was about us.

That being said, I absolutely believe that just because I am a Christian mama raising my children to love their God and follow his son doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy all the bells and whistles of Christmas as well.  So to give some much-needed CPR to the tired-of-waiting tots who occupy our house, JJ and I decided it was time to go see the man in the red suit.  Santa.  Yes, Santa.  (Clears throat)  I did say Santa.

I know this is a bit of a controversy among Christians.  I know the man in the red suit gets blamed for a lot.  He is responsible for commercializing Christmas.  He takes the focus off of Jesus.  He promotes materialism.  Yep, I’ve heard it all.  And truthfully, I usually just sit quietly and make my grocery list.   I’m learning there are just some things you don’t talk about – politics, religion, and Santa – so I just keep my tongue in check and move on my merry way.

See, I guess I come from the camp that as long as you don’t lose focus on why we celebrate, I don’t see anything wrong with Santa.  Ask any of my kids why we celebrate Christmas and they will answer, without skipping a beat, that it’s “Jesus’ birthday”  (well, actually Solomon won’t – he just likes the sparkling Christmas balls and lights).  We light the Advent candles.  We read stories about the first Christmas.  We serve birthday cake on Christmas and sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus.  But, yes.  Ahh.  We do love us some Santa.

Earlier this month, I stumbled across a blog entitled “Under Grace and Over Coffee.”  The day I stumbled, the author of the site, Andrea had written a post entitled “The Reason.” (To read the story, click on “The Reason” to the left!) Ditto to all she says.  Andrea, I am with you 1,000%.

While on our way to Dallas earlier this fall, I came across the most beautiful Christmas yard decoration I had ever seen.  Once JJ and I returned from our weekend getaway, I promptly ordered it.  Here it is:


My thoughts exactly.

Merry Christmas to you.  May you walk deeper with Him this upcoming year.

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