Do you know Christy from Critty Joy?  I’m fairly certain she’s my twin soul…She has started a new link-up called “As of Late” where we share what is stirring within – as of late.

Lately I’ve felt a nudge from God that my word for 2011 should be “obedience.”  I know.  I hear ya.  It’s not what I WANTED to pick – don’t you think that’s ironic?  HA!  I have to be obedient in even just picking the word “obedience” to focus upon for the new year…

Lately I’ve felt incredibly close to God even though I have completely fallen off the bandwagon of getting up at 6 a.m. for time with Him.

Lately I’ve delved deeper into music that stirs my soul and makes me seek Him while I’m folding laundry or doing preschool drop-off/pick-up/doctor’s office visits/church meetings/Wal-Mart runs or cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/snack before snack/pouring Cheerios in a bowl…

Lately I’ve seen why God has been taking me through so many different conflicts since mid-October – He wants me to learn to deal with it in a healthy, Christ-like manner even though I’m bound by the flesh and want to yell and scream.

Lately I am loving my electric blanket.

Lately I think God is up to something that has to do with His plan for me but I can’t put the pieces together yet.

Lately I’ve been trying to be proactive instead of reactive – somewhat difficult for an emotional girl like myself.

Lately I’ve been cautiously reading The Shack and while I don’t follow/agree with some pieces of it, I’m loving how it portrays the intense love God has for us.

Lately I’ve been so moved by Matthew 14:22-33 and will be writing about it next week.

Lately I’ve not been buying Diet Cokes at McDonalds in my attempt to be a better steward of our resources this year and I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

Lately I’ve been wondering why we purchased new toys for Christmas when what my children REALLY want to play with are canned goods, spray bottles of water, laundry baskets, flashlights and couch cushions.  Notice the Bigfoot doubled over in the corner?  We SO wanted that not-so-cheap Bigfoot…

What have you been up to “as of late”?  Please visit sweet Christy at Critty Joy for more “As of Late”!

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