Grey clouds move against a silhouette of homes, where we live with the anticipation of a looming storm, where we wonder if we will need to get flashlights ready or prepare the crawlspace under the stairs.

There’s a sense of panic that even our dog is feeling. It’s in the air.

Yet as this storm bellows to us like an uninvited guest, I’m reminded:  Take courage.  It is I.  Don’t be afraid.

And as the tempests of life move in, as the pain that knocks the wind out of lungs and shakes our shoulders out of socket, I’m reminded.

Take courage.  It is I.  Don’t be afraid.

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Please visit Stef at Layton Family Joy for some wonderful thoughts on Peter seeking Jesus in Matthew 14.  God has placed this passage upon both of our hearts this week!

Did you know that my sweet friend Erin is starting a new meme on Thursdays called “Mama’s Heart”?  Tomorrow will be the first day – please check out the requirements and join us!

And lastly, please visit my Cream and Crimson IU Sister Stacey at 29 Lincoln Avenue for I won a giveaway on her blog and she shares the story of our “Indiana University lovin’ selves” meeting at Relevant 2010…She is a complete dear – you will LOVE her!

Joining “Word Filled Wednesday” at Internet Cafe Devotions today along with Katie Lloyd Photography for “Scripture and a Snapshot”

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