The heavy ball slowly rolled down the lane and we wait…

In anticipation, we wait.  Would that spinning cyclone knock over any pins?

As I watch boys crawl over ball racks and laugh at their silly shoes and hear a girl squeal in delight over her strike,  I began to think of what I anticipate as I watch these three bowling balls launch down the alley of life.

I don’t pray for them to be happy.  No.  That’s just not reality.  There will be times of happiness, yes.  But to not prepare them for the trouble we are guaranteed to experience this side of heaven? 

That’s setting them up for a life of gutter balls.

I pray for them to have courage.  To know what is “right” and what is “wrong”.  To seek truth when the darkness envelopes a life of light, of one doing His work but can also easily be torn apart by a toxic person in the flesh or the enemy in spirit.

The truth is, sometimes they will bowl a strike.  Sometimes they will bowl a spare.  Other days just a few pins will topple.  And they are guaranteed to have gutter balls.

And I pray.  Oh, do I pray and not just for them.  I pray for God to protect them from me. Imperfect, horribly human old mom. To shield them from my tired, 7 o’clock sighs and shortened 5 o’ clock fuse.  That they will know how much they are cherished despite the fact that I sometimes can’t control my tongue.  That God’s grace will cover my flesh and allow them to grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults that flourish despite a shockingly-flawed mother.

A belly laugh.  A squeal.  A boy asking me to look how strong he is as he holds his ball high.  A smashed finger. A slow roll down the alley followed by a fast one.  Gutter balls.

It’s all part of the game.

My sweet friend Erin from “It’s Grace”, who I DO have the honor of knowing in real life and is a sister of the heart, is starting her new meme today!  It’s called “Mama’s Heart”.  Have you ever visited her blog?  PLEASE.  Go now.


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