Here’s the post in which I made my Biblical error. Which, for the record, I make a lot of them.  Which, for the record, is precisely why I am lifelong student of His word. Which, for the record, if you think I have made one here on this blog, I encourage you to teach me in love as did Jen.

Here are Jen’s comments (that argumentative little brat…HA – Jen, I LOVE YOU and had to have a little fun with you….So sorry…:))

And if you don’t know Jen?  Head on over to “Finding Heaven” and read her beautiful words.

“This has given me a lot to think about…God created us to be fearful. But then, He says continually “do not fear.” So I’m wondering if the fear part came with the original sin — for Adam and Eve did not experience fear until after the partaking of fruit. It was when the world was revealed to them that they began to experience fear. Of course, we have that response built into us, and God did create us, and I think the ability to fear does push us toward the One who casts out the fear. And ultimately, what Satan intends for evil, God can redeem for good…(are you seeing the wheels turning — I so processing out loud here!) Way to make me think!”

To which I replied, with a head that hurt from too-much cerebral thought:

Holy cow, girl. Way to make ME think! I think you might be correct – perhaps He didn’t create us to fear and it is the world! I love this explanation…Just might need to use it on F2F Friday…Way to challenge me, friend! Hopping through the ladies and you tonight – house of kids today!

To which she replied, with some good truth:

“In 2 Timothy 1:7, it says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” So, I’m thinking that maybe He didn’t create us to be fearful, but He did give us the ability to feel, process, and then with His help, turn away from fear and instead turn to Him.”

Goodness.  I love to learn. 

I’m joining in with Michelle at “Lost in the Prairies” for Caffeinated Randomness. Head on over and check these chicas out!

Have a beautiful weekend you lovely women and men (all three of you) of God!

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