Perhaps this post will be a little more linear for you if you read “The Sacred Pursuit” first?  I promise.  It’s short.  Really. I’m working on brevity.

I’ve been reading Matthew 14:28-29 much this week, primarily through “lectio davina” (which I will share more about next week) and I’m haunted by song.

Music has a way of reaching in and turning the key to my soul until suddenly the door opens and I begin to get a glimpse of what’s on the other side.

There was a song, a rich and beautiful song, whose chorus was stuck – I sang it often during my waking hours and heard it in my dreams in the night.

I had no idea what the song was called nor who sang it’s riveting words.  Somehow it became entrenched in my mind.

Enter Michelle from “Lost in the Prairies”. She left a comment on Tuesday that stated:

While reading your post, all I could hear in my mind is the song “All Who are Thirsty”. He does call us to come…

Can you guess what song I have been singing?

Yes.  “All Who Are Thirsty” by Kutlass.  The chorus sings “Come Lord Jesus Come” – an invitation for Jesus to come to us.

When I really began to think of these lyrics, I was also reminded of Heather Williams’ song “Hallelujah”, a song in which she pleads for Jesus to “please come today”. 

Another invitation to come to us.

Immediately, I thought of Matthew 14:28-29 and how Jesus invites us to join Him.


After this sacred invitation to follow Him, Peter is granted enough courage to get out of the boat and walk towards Jesus.  On the water.

But only after His invitation.

And then I began to think that it’s only when we hear and accept His sacred pursuit, His constant invitation that is omnipresent to each of us, that we are granted enough courage to get out of the boat and return the invitation by inviting Him to us.  To our hearts.  To our minds.  To our earth

“Come”, He says.

“Come”, we say.

A beautiful dance.

I’m joining with my sweet pal Erin from “It’s Grace” for “Mama’s Heart”, a beautiful new meme she has started and I adore – a chance to share what’s on this “mama’s heart” is always much-appreciated.

And also, please know that I have felt a bit of guilt as of late because I’m not a good commenter or email return-er.  While I visit and comment as much as I’m able, I must also be honest and share that if I am to be the kind of mama, wife, Jesus-freak, and church leader that I desire to be, I can’t get it all done in a 24 hour period.  I’ll be there to read your beautiful words and leave a comment or two but it might be delayed a bit.  I appreciate your understanding, patience, and grace to this slow-moving lady.

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