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It was December 23.  9 p.m.

My sick husband was asleep, my children had been snoozing for an hour, and the house was quiet.  I could finally dive into the frenzy that many mothers find themselves inhabiting just two days before Christmas even though every year we say we won’t.

“Do I have enough bowls for the soup we’ll be serving our friends tomorrow?  Does each of my children have the same amount of gifts in their stockings?  Is the toilet in our guest bathroom clean?” I thought.  The list was endless and as my mind jumped from one “to-do” to another every 30 seconds,  I heard a still small voice say,

“You’re losing sight, Natalie.  You’re taking your eyes off of Me.”

“Oh no, God.  Really – I’m not,” I answered.  “I just need to get all of this done but don’t worry, I’m still keeping my eyes on you.

After deciding that a trip to Wal-Mart was imperative, I found myself walking into an obscenely busy store filled with mostly women wearing my same look of panic and weariness. The bowls and a few other items for our stockings that would fill a few empty spaces were discovered and I quickly made my way to the check-out line.

Checking out in front of me was a woman, roughly my own age, with a cart filled with diapers and other necessities that all mothers of young children need.  I didn’t see any new bowls for entertaining.  I didn’t see any toys that looked like they might fit perfectly into a stocking.

As I watched her, it became clear that she knew the woman who was scanning her items.

Do you have to work tomorrow?” the check-out woman asked.

Yep, all day long,” replied the mother as a look of exhaustion and disappointment ensnared her weary face.

And then I saw what I was too blind to see and too deaf to hear just an hour before.

I had taken my eyes off of Him.  Two days before Christmas nonetheless.

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