Could it be possible that it was just six years ago I stood with swollen ankles and a belly full of life about to emerge and make the world a little more joyful by adding her lilting giggles and excitable spirit?

There was no room to move.  She had outgrown her shell.

It was time.

She arrived a few weeks early and stole our hearts right out from under us.

And I’ve never been the same.

Little girl’s actual birthday is tomorrow and as tradition follows, I’ll be posting my annual letter to her.  However, I also decided that I will present each of my children with a slide show highlighting the past year of their lives so I thought I would share the finished product with you today.

Since I just came up with this plan, I included a few of photos at the very beginning that were from her babyhood.  Everything else is from the past year – from birthday to birthday.

Truthfully?  It’s a little long and I’m thinking only family might be interested; however, I do promise some good tunes (three of them to be exact).

I’m linking with my sweet friend Erin at It’s Grace for Mama’s Heart today as well because well…you will see my heart all over these photos.

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