I ripped his pants.  Not intentionally – heavens no.  But I did rip his best gray pants.

For two days, I had made several missteps in my marriage – I angered easily, I became frustrated over small things that weren’t even normally an issue and I possessed an unbecoming spirit of ingratitude.

The morning after an emotional disagreement, to which I felt convicted that my behavior had caused much of the recent distance in our marriage, I decided it was time for a change of heart.  I had been selfish, irrational, and again, fell victim to the evil beast of ungratefulness.  It was time for a “readjustment” and I focused on doing “small things” that would communicate my intense love and respect I have for the man who has walked alongside this life with me for the past nine years.

Spotting the grey heap of material on the floor of our bathroom, I excitedly picked up my husband’s pants to take to the dry cleaners – along with a load of laundry I would throw in the washer before I left.   “This is a small thing I could do to show him how much he is appreciated,” I thought to myself, gloating a bit at my thoughtfulness.  Clutching the laundry and the gray pants, I realized a sock had fallen to the floor and I bent down to pick it up.

That’s when his pants caught on the doorknob and ripped straight down the leg – an irreparable damage.

My mistakes lately had been aplenty.  My heart sunk as I realized this “act of the heart” had quickly become another one of those missteps that had been far too common for me as of late.

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