I feel your tired body against mine

Wrestling against the fierce opponent of sleep.

You just won’t do it, baby boy,

There’s much to miss out upon.

I hold your two-and-a-half year old self

And rock you in the green chair.

I sing songs and attempt to freeze

This precious time into a memory snapshot.

You are the last one.

You are my baby.

But you’re not much of a baby anymore are you?

There are hints of babyhood now and then but you’re not really one.


And while I yearn to watch you grow and

Embrace God and our world,

I now understand why time is often

A mother’s worst enemy.

The time is coming soon when you’ll be too big to hold,

Or you’ll think it’s weird that your mama still desires to rock you to sleep.

I recognize this is normal, with a pang in my heart.

Let me rock you a little longer and bury my nose in your hair

Let me sing to you as we lounge in the green chair

Let me hold you and love you and snuggle in tight

Let me guard it in my memory with all of my might.

I’m joining in with my sweet friend Erin from It’s Grace today for “Mama’s Heart”.

Do you know Erin?  Love. Her.

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