Let’s start with the blog friends I have had the privilege of meeting and chatting with a bit in real life…I’ll highlight three or four blogosphere friends here each week during the “Who, Where, When, Why, What and How of Friendship” series and will also highlight some of them as guest posters starting next week.

The first bloggy friend I have had the privilege of meeting “in real life” is Erin from “It’s Grace”. We met through a meme hosted by Andrea at “Under Grace and Over Coffee” and quickly became blogosphere pals.  She eventually asked if I was interested in attending the Relevant Conference and I knew it was a God thing because I had absolutely considered it but was too chicken to go without a roommate to pal around with. And pal around we did!  She is a true heart sister and I count her as a dear and close friend IN REAL LIFE.  It doesn’t hurt that we both have a penchant for Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay and cheese fries either…

I just met Bobbi this past weekend and I adore her!  She is FULL of wisdom and I loved hearing her perspective on some of the things that were on my heart.  I love her blatant honesty clothed in love and whenever I read her blog, I feel like I’m having coffee with a dear friend.  And I am.  She blogs at “Blogging Along” – please visit her as I know you will adore her!

Another bloggy friend I have met in real life is Stef from “Layton Family Joy” and unfortunately, I don’t have a photo with her either!  We met at the Relevant Conference this past fall and while we didn’t spend a lot of time together while there, I’ve gotten to know her better since we’ve returned.  She is also one who speaks truth and isn’t afraid to broach a topic – not surprisingly, I love that in a girl.  She wrote a wonderful post about friendships that came at the perfect time for me –  I truly believe God used it to nudge me to where He wanted me to go.

What about you?  What qualities are important to you in a friend?

I’m joining Michelle at “Lost in the Prairies” for Caffeinated Randomness and Rachel Ann at “Home Sanctuary” for Company Girls…


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