Last spring, I posted about some of my favorite songs/artists at the current moment and Megan, a friend of mine from the good old teaching days, left a comment encouraging me to check out her “favorite Christian music for kids” – Yancy Not Nancy.

Fast forward to the MOPS Convention in Orlando back in August of 2010 and I am meandering through the various rows of temptations goods being sold by vendors gearing products to, of course, mothers of preschoolers.  I stumbled across a booth selling a CD and DVD pack by an artist named Yancy Not Nancy. Remembering Megan’s advice, I purchased the dynamic duo and it quickly became a household favorite – and remains so to this day.

It occurred to me the other day that I had not shared this little nugget of goodness with you all so I contacted Yancy, who is about to birth her first child any day, and asked if she would be interested in giving away a CD/DVD set.  A few hours later, she responded that yes, she would be happy to do so and even threw-in a kid’s T-shirt to boot!  Love. Her.

Here’s a little clip of the wonderful DVD – might I also add that it’s a great way to start your day in the morning while you are getting breakfast on the table?


So here’s how you can enter this fantabulous giveaway of Yancy’s CD/DVD/T-shirt set…

Leave a comment telling me your current favorite song and artist.

You can also gain more entries by:

1.  Following me on Twitter if you don’t already – nataliesnapp – and come back and leave a comment that you have so the random generator will count it! (1 entry).

2.  Like “Mommy on Fire” on Facebook and come back and tell us you did! (1 entry for our friend the random generator)

3.  Subscribe to “Mommy on Fire” via RSS Feed or e-mail delivery.  HOWEVER, I ask that you pray over this.  I really want you to subscribe because you want to read not because you wanted to win something.  Come back and tell us in the comment section! (1 entry)

4.  Tweet about this giveaway (1 entry) and come back and tell us!  You can simply cut and paste the following OR use your own words: Yancy Not Nancy Giveaway @nataliesnapp: CD/DVD/Tshirt – great Christian music for kids!

I will leave this open until Thursday evening at 10 p.m. DST.  Think good thoughts about the random generator until then…

Click here to hear my kids’ favorite Yancy Not Nancy song “My Best Friend”

Click here to visit Yancy Not Nancy’s website and be sure to read her blog…

And let’s not forget that it is indeed Monday and I have much gratitude for music today:

321.  Yancy Not Nancy – she grows my kids and I don’t mind her music stuck in my head either!

322.  Chris Tomlin – particularly his new song “Awakening”.  Jason and I adore him.

323.  Casting Crowns – my children are obsessed with “Voice of Truth” and I’m thankful.  Truth is the only way to live.

324.  Toby Mac – Samuel loves him.

325.  Newsboys – all three love them.

326.  Christy Nockels – mama’s favorite.

327.  Hillsong – particularly love “Take My Life” by Chris Tomlin AND Christy Nockels – does it get better than that?

328.  Van Morrison – “Into the Mystic” will always be my favorite song.

329.  Keb Mo – “Let Your Light Shine” – adore him.

330.  Coldplay – “Moses”

I could go and on about music but these are the ones I’m thanking Him for today…

May you quiet and listen to the song God is singing to you this week…





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