Pottery Painting Party in which my children decided to paint their faces to resemble cats…

Lately, seasonal allergies have hit our house.  Cough.  Wheeze.  Sneeze.  Snooze.

Lately, I’m so thankful that my older two children have become bosom buddies.  Literally.

Lately, I feel a bit overwhelmed by all God is teaching me right now but am so thankful that He deems me worthy of the lessons.

Lately, I’ve been so grateful that He deems us all so worthy of the lessons.

Lately, my husband has been making me laugh more than usual with conversations about onomatopoeia and homophones.

Lately, I’ve been surrendering control to Him.  Really.

Lately, I’ve been short with my children and it has to stop.

Lately, I’ve been exercising and doing Weight Watchers and am down three pounds.  WOOHOO!

Lately, I’m craving a beach and the chance to let my children run wild all day and collapse into a sandy bed at night.

Lately, I hear the birds chirping in the morning and feel the temperatures warming and I can’t help but feel a lift in my spirit.

Lately, I’ve been continually amazed at where He places His right hand and how He pursues us so diligently – even when we don’t deserve to be pursued by such a mighty king.

Lately, I’ve been lovin’ my Nook Color far too late into the night and have become spoiled by the fact that I can purchase a book at 11 p.m. from my bed.   And yes, I realize the instant gratification going on here but when it comes to reading, I don’t hold back.

Lately, I’m praying for direction and asking Him to lead me to where He sees me going next.  I know He will but it’s the me in the equation that wants to know. Preferably now, thankyouverymuch.

I’m joining up with my beautiful friends Erin from It’s Grace for “Mama’s Heart” and Christy from Critty Joy for “As of Late”.

Do you know how much I adore these two?


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