The laundry has been waving at me from their clean yet unfolded baskets for two weeks now.

When clothes are needed, we pull them out of their basket-dressers, wrinkled and shrunken small, and hope to put together a somewhat coordinated outfit.

It’s been five days since the floor was last swept.  This is a long time when you consider I live with an 85 pound yellow Labrador Retriever, three children under six years of age, and a husband.

Our backyard could be a ring for the next National Mud Wrestling Competition, which makes the fact that I haven’t swept in five days even worse.

There is pancake batter caked on the lower cabinets under my mixer on the counter.  I’m not sure how long it’s been there.

I found dead flies in our windowpanes.  I’m not sure how long they’ve been there, either.

Six Matchbox cars, a hair bow, a few pieces of dried macaroni, and a hairball from Ellie (which didn’t find the hair bow – wouldn’t that have been a beautiful union?) were found under the oven.

And really, there’s more I could share but why?  I think you probably get it.

There’s just something about the spring that makes me want to start anew, clean away the cobwebs and the dust, get out of my “Domesticus Out-of-Syncness” and become the woman that I’m usually not.

And as I scrubbed the caked-on pancake batter from our wood cabinets until they gleamed, I heard so clearly.

“This is what I do for you every day,” He said.

I marvel over His truth because really, it’s so true isn’t it?  The single-most reason I thought I might like to follow this Jesus guy was the fact that He just makes us as white as snow and grants us new mercies each day.

To a girl who certainly doesn’t have it all together as a wife, a mom, a friend, a whatever – this is huge.

As I devote two hours to working out of this out-of-sync mess, I notice this connection, too.

It’s not until we really devote some time to Him that we can work our way out of the out-of-syncness of our own lives.  Not just the two minute prayer I’m guilty of uttering before I nod off.  No.

Real time.  Time to get to know His truth.  What He’s telling me.

I’ve noticed as of late that it’s when I’m really in-tune with Him that I hear His words but when I think He’s silent, it’s really my own ears that have closed.

Thankfully, He doesn’t get out-of-sync with us.  He’s the God who was and is and is yet to come.  Whew.

And even more thankfully, He washes us with His grace-filled water each day, holding the gift out to us and hoping we choose to tear it open.

My mind hungrily devours this peace, this knowing that everyone’s laundry has been  folded AND put away, the muddy floor has been mopped, the flies from the windowsill have been removed and the items under the stove have been retrieved.

I feel back in order.  And all it took was a bit of time.

And the perfect answer to an out-of-sync soul was revealed, too.





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