Lately I’ve been falling deeper in love with a certain four year boy who told me I was really pretty the other day.

Lately I noticed that hearing those words from that same certain four year old boy struck a deeper chord in my heart than any other boy who has said it in the past.

Lately I have been making intentional efforts to connect with the four lights-of-my-life – JJ and three. I stop and listen and try not to do “other things”.  I’m trying to look them right in the eye when they speak to me. I repeat back what they have said.  I’ve been really bad at this lately and I don’t want to communicate unimportance to those most important to me.

Lately I’ve been making it a priority to be kind and compassionate, use a soothing voice, and acknowledge feelings.

Lately I’ve been getting on the floor to just play a little more than usual.

Lately I’ve accepted that there are days that are smooth and good in this mothering business and days that are not so smooth and good and yet there is such an abundant grace for the latter.  He gently leads those with young. (Isaiah 40:11)

Lately I’ve been getting more hugs around the legs.

Lately I’ve been watching a little girl that is six suddenly become very cool.  A girl who uses the phrase “it rocks”.  A social girl with friends to see.  A girl who can stay up a little bit late into the night and still be OK the next day.

Lately I’ve been thankful that the same little girl still likes to pretend to be a puppy and dress up like her favorite characters.

Lately I’ve realized that God’s plan for me is to be right here.  I’m not sure where I’m going but it’s abundantly clear to me that I’m supposed to be doing just what I’m doing right at this moment because there are roots to be deepened by golly…

Lately I’ve been wondering why I have a tendency to look ahead to “what’s next” when what I’ve always wanted is actually happening right now.

Lately my almost three year old has decided it’s time to use the potty.

Lately I’ve realized that this moment, this time in the near-future when there won’t be any diapers in my home for the first time in six years, is actually hurting my heart instead of bringing on a wave of joy.

Lately I’ve been needing to get back to my Weight Watchers plan after a three week hiatus.  Ouch.

Lately I’ve been feeling so thankful for the lamb, the one who died for us, the one who carried out a plan even when he didn’t really want to do so.

Lately I’ve been in awe of the absolute freedom this one act brought to us all.

Lately I’m just giving thanks.

Joining in with sweet Christy from Critty Joy for “As of Late…”



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