I’m joining with Lisa Jo from “The Gypsy Mama” for 5 Minute Friday…Rules are as follows…

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If I knew I could, I would simply pull out of everything else I’m involved with and just write.  I would outline that book proposal that’s been floating around in my head lately and I would have an uninterrupted chunk of time to finish a complete thought on this and jot some things down instead of the twenty minutes I have before I have to go pick someone up or drop someone off.

I would write said proposal and begin submissions to agents so I could get some experience with this fickle process before I attend “She Speaks” this summer.  I would face the fear of rejection because I know there will be plenty of it and I would just do it because I know if I don’t I will always wonder if I should have.  Not to mention the fact that I want to teach my children to go for it as well – how on earth will we ever know if we don’t put ourselves out there and try?

If I knew I could I would simply grant myself the gift of time – time to simply just mother, just wife, and just write but God has called me to something else at this time and out of obedience, I serve; however, my heart’s desire is to simply just write.







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