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This week’s prompt is…

Spencer’s birth almost three years ago…


Motherhood Should Come With…

A warning label that reads CAUTION:

*  You will always wear your heart on the outside of your chest.  For the rest of your life – not just until they are 18.

*  You will never be able to watch the news again because you’ll be disturbed by what has happened to other people’s children or what could happen to your own.

*  You will not go to the bathroom alone for about eight years.  I don’t really know when this stops because we all must still join me and my oldest is six.

*  Your life will be one of constant interruptions.  Embrace it because you don’t have a choice.  I just read that interruptions are God’s way of showing you something He wants you to see, something He’s doing for your pleasure.  There’s a lot these days He wants me to see…

*  Your brain cannot hold all it’s supposed to hold – you will forget and miss appointments (did I mention I’m married to a dentist and I missed my appointment with HIM?),  a few e-mails will go unanswered, you won’t get messages in time, and you might not always read your preschool child’s classroom newsletter.  GRACE.

*  Nothing brings your own “junk” to the surface quicker than having your own children.  It will surface and you will grow.  And that’s His plan, of course.

*  You will, for the first time authentically ever in your life, live the life of a true servant.  You will put their needs above your own on more than several occasions, you will feel it deeper than they do when their hearts break, you will relish in their sing-song squeals and laughter, you will, for the first time, understand what true gratitude really is.

* There will be days when you will want to run away.  I’m just sayin’…

*  Coffee will become almost human-like and be one of your closest friends but when you start talking to your mug, it’s time to join a mommy group.

*  You will find gum, old Goldfish crackers, Teddy Grahams, and last month’s Book Fair Wish List corroded into your minivan.  Or SUV.  Or whatever.  Good thing I got rid of my shiny red convertible for something more practical.

*  You will have to stifle giggles and look away over the things they tell you sometimes.  It’s one of my greatest joys in being a mother.

Lastly, motherhood should come with a warning label that tells us you are about to embark on true, real joy.  Days are hard sometimes.  Actually, days can be hard often.  But the fact that I’ve been entrusted with three little people?

I’m in awe that He thought I was ever up to the task.

CAUTION:  It’s the best thing that will ever happen to you.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there – even those without children.  Because I know now that you don’t have to have physical children to be a mother…

And to my mother and grandmother?  What on earth can I say to communicate my gratitude for you both?  “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough but thank you for raising me in a way that will allow me to leave a generational legacy with my own children.  I’m in awe of you both.

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