God made dirt and dirt won’t hurt.


We have a dream  that one day we will actually have a garden.

JJ constructed a raised bed for us last year and we just grew weeds.  This year, if we don’t get moving soon, it will be the same.

But it has been a wonderful place for two brothers to get out the diggers and just get dirty.  Because that’s what boys do.

In their rain boots on a sunny day.

And the squeals of delight, and the gleeful laughter that rolled from their hearts, and the intermittent dirt tornadoes that surfaced every few moments were enough to remind this sometimes exasperated mom of two young boys just 15 months apart that it isn’t always about getting in bed by 8 p.m. every night or being sure we put our shoes away in the correct bin.

Not to mention the older sister who doesn’t always understand the attraction to a box of dirt and would rather swing.  The one who is testing to see how far she can spread her wings before she will be corrected as of late and the same one who told me that a character in her book was idolizing money instead of God.

The one whose compassion is far deeper than my own.

And I begin to wonder, really wonder, if it really is all about wearing your “Fireman Boots” on a sunny day…

Or your performing on a stage for the first time ever…(isn’t that little one in the orange vest so handsome?)

Or the first day of the 2011 Slip and Slide Season…

Or swinging in just your Wolverine skivvies and your Lightening McQueen shoes…

On this Multitude Monday, I thank my Father for:

436.  Boys and dirt

437.  Diggers that work and the sound effects courtesy of little boys that accompany them

438.  Preschool voices singing “What A Wonderful World”

439.  Real ice cream – not frozen yogurt.

440.  Much needed rest

441.  A daughter who is blooming and testing and learning

442.  A mother who is my biggest cheerleader – even when she’s in the minority.

443.  Good books to read with the children.  Right now, we are loving this one.

444.  Chicken on the grill

445.  Time with new friends

446.  And time with old friends

447.  A moment to breathe

448.  The joy Slip and Slide Season inevitably brings

449.  The simplicity of bubbles and their staggering appeal

450.  The opportunity to be a mother and the homemade trinkets that were presented to celebrate

This week may you see what’s around you and wonder…

Joining in with Ann for Multitude Monday and Jen for Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood…



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