So I didn’t work ahead on my blog this week (or the past several if I may be honest) and it’s late and I’m tired.  So here’s a brief little snippet of something that made me chuckle today…

Last week, I shared about Sarah’s reasoning as to why Samuel has such big, long, pointy fingernails.

Today, Samuel said something that struck me as just downright hilarious.

Wet-headed from a deep nap in an attempt to stave-off the inevitable spring cold that his older sister is currently suffering through, he focused his awakened-by-mama-because-she-was-worried-I-wouldn’t-sleep-at-night gaze on the perpetrator of his slumber and wailed.

Knowing we needed to run some errands in which he could stay in the car (they were car errands, meaning only drive-thru’s were invovled – please don’t report me), I carried him to the awaiting chariot and bribed his reluctant gaze with a chocolate milkshake from McDonald’s.

As we pulled into Goodwill to drop off FOUR bags from my newly-cleaned closet, he began to rally and apparently had a pressing question on his mind.

He asked, rather pointedly, “Mama?  Do we have to go to China to get our milkshakes?”

Thankfully, we didn’t.  McDonald’s was a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the Goodwill store.

But one never knows – if the milkshake machine breaks, as it did last week, we just might have to travel to China.

What is the funniest thing you have heard recently from a child?  I LOVE the things they say so PLEASE SHARE!

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