The great thing about having a brain filled with all-things-young-children is that you can sign-up to participate in some really cool events, forget you did, and when the item that coordinates with the event you signed on to help promote arrives at your door, you can be totally surprised as if it were Christmas.

And/or  you could think someone had sent you a gift and there was no card.

And you could call Dayspring and insist you didn’t order the item and there was no card and by golly, WHO SENT THIS TO ME?

I would like to say that the above scenario didn’t happen at the Snapp house last weekend, but then I would be lying.

That’s how bad it’s gotten, friends.  I’m beginning to feel like Dory from “Finding Nemo”.

I had to chuckle a bit though because lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not really cut-out to be leading a ministry of 80 women.  Or mothering three young people. Or wife-ing one beautiful man.

“Surely this has to be a joke,” I think as I stare at the tile displaying the verse that has been reverberating through my mind as of late.

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. – Phillipians 4:13

And it’s in these moments, when these so off-the-wall and too intimate to be coincidence things fall into my lap, that I’m so blown away by how He knows precisely what we all need and when we need it.

Every time.

So of course I signed on to do a promotion for Dayspring and (in)courage when they asked – I love both fervently.

I’m giving away a $20 gift card to Dayspring this week, which is fantastically wonderful for you all, but before I give you the skinny on the details, let me show you this tile in all of it’s gorgeousness:

Do you know about Dee Kasberger, the artist and designer of Red Letter Words?  You must check out her beautiful work.  I’m salivating over a couple of her pieces…

And I must mention that the (in)spired Deals theme for the month is “As For Me And My House”…

What better way to beautify your home and in turn your spirit than through a Dayspring gift card?

You know that the FTC requires I tell you that I received the above tile free of charge from Dayspring right?

To be the lucky winner, simply leave a comment and tell me what area of your house you would choose to beautify…

For additional entries (one per) you may:

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Please note that if you volunteer to fold my laundry or unload my dishwasher, you will win automatically.

Oh wait.  I better not offer that up.

One more thing – you have until Thursday at 10 p.m. EST to enter!

Lest we forget that it’s Monday, friends?

Much to thank Him for…

451.  Sarah’s sweet Kindergarten Spring Performance, a chance to showcase the songs we have been hearing for weeks

452.  Mama tears that fall when I hear young voices sing a song like “Love In Any Language” – with accompanying sign language.

453.  Two boys who hug in the rain

454.  The best date I’ve had in a long time with a man I fell in love with nine years ago

455.  Delicious Italian

456.  Strolling through galleries

457.  Perusing the wine store

458.  Swooning over his dimples

459.  Not talking about the kids once

460.  Our first lemonade stand…

461.  College boys who took the time to stop and encouraged and puffed chests

462.  A little boy growing into such a sweet boy of integrity

463.  The slippery ball of a water balloon

464.  A commitment-free Saturday

465.  Fresh sheets after a bath

This week may you remember what you can do – EVERYTHING through Him who gives you strength.

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