Sort of forgot about the Dayspring giveaway last week, friends.

I also forget dental appointments sometimes which may not sound like a big deal until you learn that the dentist is actually my husband and I never, ever hear the end of it if I’m a “no-show”.

So without further ado (and yes, it’s “ado” and not “adieu” because I saw it written in the latter form the other day and thought I had been writing that phrase incorrectly for years.  Here’s the info for you “word nerds” such as myself…)

The winner of the $20 Dayspring Gift Card is…

Amanda at “Wandering On Purpose”!!!

Amanda, the coupon code is coming your way momentarily…Thank you to all who entered!!

Lastly, if you enjoy this little blog here, would you humble me and take a moment to vote for the Top 25 Faith Blogs at “Circle of Mom’s”?  Please?  If I beg?  Grovel?

Click here to vote – you may vote once each day until June 8. Thank you for considering, sweet friends.

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