Discernment has been a challenge for me at times – you know, with the whole “maybe-it’s-not-really-Him-nudging-me-to-do-something-maybe-it’s-my-own-heart’s-desire-implanted-in-my-mind-to-make-me-think-it’s-His-plan-but-it’s-really-my-own” thing going on.

A while ago, I spoke with my friend Dana who started a maternity home and crisis pregnancy center in Ghana called “The Fern House.”  She started this beautiful project with a local Ghanaian woman by the name of Comfort, who, from what I understand, lives up to her moniker and has devoted her life to ministering to the women and children of Ghana.

Dana adopted two little girls from Ghana last summer and what was supposed to be a one week visit to pick them up last August turned into seven weeks due to a few snafu’s that surfaced in the adoption process.

But as we know, God works for the good in all things for those who love Him (Romans 8:28).  And of course, He did.

“The Fern House” was born during that unexpected time and now another dear friend of mine, Rachel, is in the process of adopting two little boys from Ghana as well.

After meeting with Dana and listening to her speak of the people she served and her passion for this ministry, I casually mentioned to Jason that I would someday like to go to Ghana and see “The Fern House” for myself.

The next day,  Rachel had a dental appointment with the best dentist in town – my husband.

He shared that I wanted to go to Ghana someday.

“How about now?” Rachel replied.

I chuckled when she first called.

“Now?” I thought.  “Isn’t this something we should plan a year out?”

And then I thought, “Why not?”

On that day in early April, I placed the opportunity to go to Ghana in the hands of Him.  I believed that if He truly wanted me to go, He would logistically clear a path for it to happen.  If the details of travel and the care of my children were too difficult to manage, it would be obvious to me that now is not the time.

I received the necessary shots (my arms hurt for three days thank you very much but I don’t think I will be getting Hepatitis, Yellow Fever, Tetanus, Polio, or Meningitis anytime soon) but put the dream to rest after speaking to the doctor.

Dana and Rachel were planning on going two weeks from that day.  My doctor recommended I not go for four to six weeks.

Being a conservative mom of three young children, I was not willing to risk it.

But then the court dates for the children were continuously pushed back and it began to look as though it might  be four to six weeks before we would be able to go anyway.

I was back in the game.

We began to narrow down travel dates and logistics fell into place.  Seamlessly.

We leave this Friday and will return on Sunday, June 5.

If the technology allows, I will be blogging throughout next week from Accra, Ghana; however, if it does not allow, I will begin as soon as I return in a long series so you can feel as though you were there, too.

I will be working with Dana on projects at “The Fern House” and will travel to a few orphanages (they are technically supposed to be called “foster homes” but they aren’t really foster homes – they’re orphanages).

We will also have the pleasure of meeting Rachel’s two little boys for the first time.  And this, to me, is a precious gift.

Will you please pray that our time in Ghana is fruitful for both the Ghanaian residents and us?  I fully expect that while we are seen as the ones offering the assistance, we will also be the ones to grow exponentially from this experience.

Remember at the start of 2011 when I said my word for the year was “obedience”?

Where He leads, I will go and I will not fear for He is my rock, my strength, an ever-present help in time of need.

There’s much to do this week and I have three babies and a husband to love on before I leave on Friday.

This is my only post this week.

But hold on sweet friends because you are about to experience Ghana with me…

To learn how you can donate to The Fern House, click here.


And of course, it’s Monday a day when I post my thanks though it doesn’t have to be Monday to be grateful…

461.  His call

462.  The sound of my name on the lips of my children when they call for their mama

463.  The call of a husband who loves a wife

464.  A phone call from a dear friend who I have not seen in far too long who happened to be in town

465.  A difficult phone call I had to make and yet giving thanks in all circumstances

466.  Crocodile tears and calls for daddy on the late-working nights

467.  The call of glee that beckons that tired daddy up the stairs for bedtime kisses

468.  The call to a mommy to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar – how could I ever say “no”?

469.  The call of two young boys in Ghana to their mama in the U.S…

470.  The nations calling to be discipled…

May you be still and listen.  Silence the soul.  Read the truth.  And then listen to His call.

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