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And so the fact that I hadn’t really slept in over 24 hours began to take hold and I crawled to a room in the back of the house and shut down for a bit.  I needed to rest my weary bones and decompress over the images that were imprinted in my mind just within the first few hours of our arrival.

The images were not haunting but instead just different.  Culture shock is a very real thing, friends.

Following that much-needed rest, the trio of “abruni’s” or “white people” in the tribal language of Ga, were yearning for the sweet nectar of a Diet Coke.

Except it’s not Diet Coke.  It’s Coke Light.  And no one had any because as we learned after our little stroll, Coke Light is somewhat difficult to unearth in an African village.

But during that walk through Teshie, in which my eyes were still foggy and I remained in a bit of a time-zone daze, I shot some images that remain some of my favorite of our trip – and I took over 500 photos.

Images that convey so much more than my words ever could such as this one of two daughters following their mother…

And this one of two brothers that look like they should be on a UNICEF advertisement…

And how about these sweet “football”- loving boys..

And a beauty found in what we might consider a “depressed” area…

Because it’s true what’s so often said about those who live in poverty – they possess a certain something that those of us not faced with that specific challenge spend our lives trying to attain.

A pure and intrinsic joy that perhaps comes from not knowing about the things that we so often believe to be critical…

And then there are the goats.  They are literally everywhere,  roaming the streets and I can’t help but think my sweet husband would love it.  He told me not long ago that he would like to just purchase a few goats for our yard so he can cut-down (no pun intended) on mowing.

I’m certain our suburban neighborhood would be thrilled.

To be continued…


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