So on Saturday you were three.  I can’t believe that you, my little baby boy, the youngest in this family, is three years old.

But of course, it was also Mommy and Daddy’s wedding anniversary.  For reasons you may not understand yourself until you walk down the aisle, I write to our marriage first – but then you are an immediate next.

You see, if there wasn’t a marriage to celebrate, big guy, there wouldn’t be a you.

A wonderfully, fearfully, perfectly made you…

A you whose favorite word at the present moment is “no” – often said with a foot stomp to add extra emphasis.

A you who has delightfully charming dimples and enormous chocolate brown eyes that often turn me to putty.

A you whose giggle is absolutely contagious and emits deep from within the belly.

A you who loves nothing more than the opportunity to get really dirty and make a huge mess.

A you who knows what he wants and has no qualms with expressing it.

A you who likes to be naked as a jaybird.  Clothing is always optional when we are just hanging around the house, you know…

A you who delights in golf and loves anything with wheels, who loves Scooby Doo and popcorn and anything sweet.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree of your mama…

A you who is incredibly affectionate and often falls into my arms and wraps your chubby little hands around my neck.

A you who doesn’t like my hair in a ponytail, who prefers it down, who tells me I’m beautiful when it’s this way but when it’s not, “it’s yucky.”

A you who is terrified of those vicious Daddy Long Legs spiders.

A you who loves babies and has a natural inclination to nurture.

A you that is so easily filled with wonder and an innocence that takes my breath away.

A you who loves to swing, to hang out in “your chair” and to ride in your pushcar for walks.

A you who loves popsicles on a hot summer day.

A you who tells your sister you love her often and a you who wrestles with your brother because that’s how you show each other love.

A you who still wants to hear “Jesus Loves Spencer”, “Moon, Moon, Moon” and “You Are My Sunshine” every night before bed.  In that order.

A you who wasn’t a planned conception and yet the most delightful surprise to date.

A you who is so close in age to your brother that you two are basically twins with your own language and private communication.

A you who I thank God for each and every day.  A you who pushes me to my absolute limit on some days due to your strong-will and toddler-ish ways, a you who is so much like me that all I can really do oftentimes is just laugh and turn my head.

A you who charms us all, a you we adore, a you who has made our family circle complete.

A beautiful creation knit perfectly together just as you are.

Happy Third Birthday, Sweet Spencer.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.



And it’s Monday, so today I thank you, God, for:

511.  Pleasant surprises that weren’t in our plans but always in yours.

512.  That giggle

513.  That smile

514.  Those eyes

515.  Hearing you say “You’re bootiful, mama” – but only when my hair is down

516.  Entrusting me with him

517.  His Daddy – both Heavenly and earthly

518.  The opportunity to potty train.  Oh my.  Yes.  That might be pushing it.

519.  Gumballs for number one, special prizes for number two.  Still no special prizes but plenty of gumballs.

520.  The way he says “Africa” – A-ki-ka…

This week, may you be blessed with deep belly laughs.  May you know exactly what you want.  May you get dirty, eat a popsicle, and fall asleep in your favorite chair with dirty summer feet.

Spencer style.

Joining Ann for “Multitude Mondays” and Jen for “Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood”





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