And since this post is about being a better mother, you can thank me later for this tip:

Under no circumstance shall you EVER purchase these wretched Crayola Color Bubbles.  They are a mother’s worst nightmare.  And yes, one of my boys is not wearing pants, and yes, we did find this stuff literally EVERYWHERE when they took a bath.  Don’t do it.  You’re welcome.

“Mommy, what’s a Convention?” she asked from the far back seat, blue eyes flashing, concern furrowing brows.

“It’s when a group of people who do the same thing get together to learn how to do what they do better,” I answered.

Black eyes directly behind me begin to ponder.  I see the wheels turning and they’re not the ones on our car.

“Why do you have to go to a Convention for MOPS?” he asks.

“Because Mommy is the leader of the group and I’m going with seven other leaders who help.  We are going to learn how to help the mom’s who join our ministry AND we are also going to learn how to be better mothers and wives,” I said.

Wheels turned.  Both kinds this time.  The light turned green.

“No mama go.”  A declarative statement made by the youngest.  In fact, most of his three year old statements are declarative now that I think about it.

“Mommy’s need to fill their cups up too but I’ll miss you,” I answer.  “Do you think Mommy is a good mommy?” I ask, a little afraid of the answer.

“Well, sometimes you are…” Mr. Black Eyes starts only to be cut-off by his sister speaking loudly over his words.

“We are all human and no one is perfect.  You are not perfect but you are the perfect mom for us,” she announces.

And I melt.

“Thank you, Sissy.  But Samuel, what were you going to say?” I press.  Was I crazy?

“Well sometimes you’re mean and sometimes you’re nice,” he states.

I laugh and figure this means I’m probably doing my job at least OK.

I’ve been blessed to be heading to the MOPS International Conference in Nashville, TN today.  It is a weekend of rejuvenation and this tired and empty-cup mama needs it.  I’ll see you all on Monday!


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