Hanging out today with Lisa Jo from “The Gypsy Mama” for Five Minute Friday..
    The directions are simple:  write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.

My kind of writing, friends.


The word alone is conflicting – I want the kind of joy that is uninhibited, that forces me out of bed each  morning as a ready and willing servant of His, ready to take on the day and just do nothing but love.


The precursor to joy.

But sometimes what I want is not what I have and though there are patches of joy there are also times I’m not so joyful.  And while I know this is the curse of humanity, I still desire to possess joy regardless of what is going on around me.

It may not be well in my circumstances, but it can always be well in my soul.

In her book 1,000 Gifts, Ann Voskamp writes that the way to pure joy is through gratitude.  Looking at what is right instead of what is wrong, thanking God for the abundant blessings instead of cursing Him for every little thing that goes wrong.  In counting our blessings, we develop a deeper trust in God, an understanding that despite the fact that you might always be late everywhere you go (clears throat…of COURSE this is not me I’m talking about) or that you almost always forget a paper that needs to be signed or fail to thaw the chicken for dinner, He is good and He provides for your every need.

And when we see His goodness we just know. Really know, that maybe, just maybe, He might have our back.

And when we know He has our back then what else can we possess but giggly, free joy?

The kind of joy that is pure, unshakable, and a part of you – forever.

And I want it.  And luckily, I know how to get it so I continue on this journey, striving for that kind of joy.

Though I don’t know her well, I am saddened by the numbered days of Sara from The Gitzen Girl.  Sara has been ill for a while now and is losing her battle – her illness has forced her to remain inside always and a captive in her condominium.  She has been unable to smell the scent of a spring morning, feel the cool breeze of autumn, or make a snow angel in quite a long time.

She has been held captive in her home yet not in her mind.  She is a beautiful follower of Jesus and she is about to meet Him.

She will be free to roam – no more captivity and no more illness.

Please join me in praying for her family and friends as she continues her journey home.




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