A year ago last August, I traveled to the MOPS Convention in Orlando and was given a bag of goodies that included the first in a series of new videos by Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer called “What’s In The Bible?”. The new series was intended to reach the “too old for Veggie Tales” crowd.

Since my children were deep in the trenches of love for Bob and Larry, it sat in a drawer for a year – until this past August, when I decided to pop it in in a desperate I-need-to-make-dinner-and-I-want-to-do-so-in-peace kind of moment.

My kids were hooked.  And they don’t necessarily fall into the target audience demographic – my youngest is three and adored each song and scene.

My trio began asking if there were others in the series and if so, could we please get them as soon as humanly possible?

I drug my heals a bit, feeling it to be a little too indulgent to purchase them all at once so we continued to watch the same one and jam out to the same songs we never tired of – in fact, I’m singing “Genesis” right now as I type and though I’ve heard it 8,000 times since August, I still love it.  I might even listen to it when my kids aren’t in the car.  Shhhh.

Not to mention that I have actually learned some things I didn’t know myself – making it also a perfect series for believers of any age.

So imagine my excitement when I traveled to Relevant last weekend and found representatives from “What’s In The Bible?”  looking for affiliates to promote these awesome videos on our blogs…

My advertising/affiliate policy is such that I won’t stand behind something to just make money – I must absolutely love it and believe in it.

Obviously, it was an easy decision for me on this one.

AND…the newly-released Christmas special is on a subject I love – the merging of a more secular (think Santa) and faith-based Christmas.

It also revs me up a bit that IT TAKES PLACE IN INDIANA.  Oh yes it does.  This Hoosier girl is in love.

For a limited time, you can order the entire set (five DVD’s for a total of 10 episodes as well as the Christmas special and a digital version of all) for only $39.95.  Yes.  That’s right.  $39.95.

As an affiliate, I do indeed receive a fairly decent percentage of any sales that come from Mommy on Fire so if you are planning to purchase them anyway, would you consider purchasing here?  I just did a re-design and it might make my husband smile a bit if I can show him that I actually can generate a little from this blog here…

You can order by clicking the button underneath the clip – thanks, friends!

Feel free to pass the word along to your friends as well!

Christmas present, anyone?

For more info, click on the video below.  I’ll post the 30 minute  Christmas special on Friday so you can share it with your crew!


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