Do you know how much I love Dayspring?  So much that I bought the large version of  this painting back in August while at the MOPS Convention and, though we have yet to hang it up (no honey, this isn’t a hint…OK, maybe.) I get to marvel at its beauty and message as I walk up my stairs each day.

I’ve gotten beautiful pieces of Christian jewelry and journals that I quickly fill along with cards that say just the right thing.

But their home decor is my favorite.

During this month of gratitude, I always feel a little bit disappointed in myself.  This spirit of gratitude, this thankfulness that we celebrate, reminds me that I need to do a better job of living the spirit of November when it’s May.

But thankful beyond words I am.  I can’t even tell you how thankful I am.  This new creation has been given a mercy so very undeserved.

A while ago, I caught a glimpse of the “God’s Goodness” pedestal and quickly closed my browser window because the temptation was strong so imagine my delight when Dayspring offered to do a giveaway here at MOF in exchange for a product review and SAID PEDESTAL WAS ONE OF MY CHOICES.  Yes it was. So…

Here it is from the side-view where it sits on my kitchen island…

And the view from above, in which I stood on top of my kitchen island in my jammies while my three children worried that after three days of their daddy being out of town, their mother had finally flipped her ever-lovin’ lid…
The edge is inscripted with “TO LIVE WITH JOY IS TO SEE GOD’S GOODNESS”.


.So it’s during this season that I give YOU a little something as a thank you for reading “Mommy on Fire”.

For listening to me.  For being a humble audience that doesn’t judge the sometimes too-real admissions that make it on to this screen.  Sometimes to my dismay, sometimes to my relief.

One simple way to win – leave a comment for me and let me know of something you are feeling such gratitude towards this year.  Subscribe to Mommy on Fire ONLY IF YOU WANT TO DO SO – not because you want to win.  “Like” Mommy on Fire on Facebook ONLY IF YOU DO.  Follow me on Twitter ONLY IF YOU CARE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.  But the only requirement to win is to simply leave a comment with the above question answered.

 I want to hear from your hearts, friends.  What are you grateful for this year?

 Winner will be announced on Friday morning – you have 48 hours!

 Please note that Mommy on Fire is also an affiliate for Dayspring.  If you shop Dayspring by clicking on the button in the sidebar, Dayspring will share a small percentage of total sales with me.  I am planning to use this money to recoup some of the basic fees involved in running this blog while the remaining will be donated to the precious Fern House.  Thank you for your support.

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