Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. – Psalm 143:8


I admit that I just barely survive mornings.

I have always looked at those who rise with a smile, look like a supermodel by 8 a.m., have lunches packed, snack bags assembled and permission slips signed while possessing an uncanny ability to know just where all of the hats and mittens are located in her home.

I want to be her.  Really.  I do.

But just as I heard on “What’s In The Bible?” the other day, you can’t change God’s own nature and I’m pretty sure that being a woman who is not a fan of mornings is within my nature.  It’s an essential part of who I am.

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but you get my drift.

I read about things I should do each morning and I reign in that slightly insane part of me that thinks just for a glimmer of a moment that MAYBE, just MAYBE, I could implement this newly-found plan into our already hectic mornings.

I picture a Norman Rockwellian moment where we are all peacefully eating breakfast.  No one is talking, crying, or screaming, no orange juice is being spilled across the table,  and all children are listening intently to their mother reading a morning devotional to get their day started on the right foot.  The reality? Our table is often covered by at least one spill in the  and it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone will cry, another will announce an injustice against him or her, and another will be searching frantically for lost shoes.

I want to model a quiet time for my children but the reality is, my quiet time is after they’re all in bed.  They don’t ever see it.  And I like it that way if truth be told.  It’s MY time with HIM.

This month, Tommy Nelson Publishing sent us 100 Read and Sing Devotions and I have to admit that I wasn’t necessarily as excited to delve into it as the Heaven Is For Real For Kids book that came along with it.

Oh, how I underestimated it’s worth.

It’s great.

The devotionals are short but rich – just perfect for a morning of spilled orange juice and lost shoes.

Not to mention that we in the Snapp Family are all quite musical – we love it and most of us have a melody floating through our heads at all times.

I originally thought it would appeal most to my youngest love who is three and it did – but my six year old and my four year old liked it, too.

Each short devotionals coordinates with a song on the CD that accompanies the book.  The melodies are a perfect mix of classic hymns (which I love for my children to know) and traditional Sunday school songs they are familiar with but love and could listen to repeatedly.

To enter to win a copy of this useful family faith-builder, please leave a comment and tell me – what would you do with this devotional?  What would be your goal?  To complete it in a year?  To read at least three a week?  Do share!  Mr. Random Generator will pick a comment number on Wednesday at 9:01 p.m. Eastern Time and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

Here’s to a no-spill morning kind of week to you all…






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