Happy Second Birthday, Mommy on Fire!!!!

For two years, I have found this a soft place to land – a salve to a sometimes disgruntled soul.

What I expected was a place to just journal – a place to write because you know, I had tried to NOT write and then I became a really awful person so then I just decided to embrace it and accept the fact that I can’t NOT write because that feels like cutting off my right arm.

What I found instead was a community of some of the most beautiful women I have ever met.  You come from all over the world.  The UK.  Australia.  Ireland.  Even one in Indonesia (thanks, Joy Forney, for that cool demographic…) Not to mention a sisterhood within my peers in the blogging world.  Both groups bless me so.  Thank you.

On another note, I’m in much prayer today for my dear niece whose two year old son is fighting for his life with bacterial meningitis.  She also had a baby two weeks ago.  Please join me in praying for this precious young family.  Their names are Andrea, Shaun, Westin, and Becca.

 To read my first-ever post, click here….

I’ll be back next week, friends.  Time to fold some laundry.



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