Alright, so I forgot to get this out on Friday so for that I apologize.  I don’t really have a good excuse other than the fact that I don’t have much of a brain.  It’s a bit addled as of late.

The winner of the “Justice Pack” from “Shop To Stop Slavery” is comment number two – Cherie from “Heart and Soul Reflections”!!!!

Not to mention that Cherie is a dear bloggy AND in real life friend AND she just returned from a riveting mission trip in Haiti – you will want to hop over and read her blog because she is a gem and I adore her.

Congrats, dear one!

While attending Relevant this past fall, I was introduced to a somewhat new organization from the Seed Company called “OneVerse”.

Did you know that there are roughly 7,000 languages in the world?

Did you also know that only 450 of those languages have access to a Bible in their own language?

I’m not OK with that.

How do we get God’s word in their hands, how do we make disciples of all nations, if they don’t have a Bible to read in their own language?

Enter OneVerse from The Seed Company – an organization committed to translating Bible verses for all languages within this generation.

I’m partnering with OneVerse as a OneVerse blogger in the hopes that we can make a difference by translating verses and even books of the Bible and end “Bible poverty”.

Currently, our focus is on the Vidunda people of Tanzania – here’s some info on this population:

The Vidunda people’s ancestral land lies in the foothills between two mountains of Tanzania. On the north, Mikumi National Park borders their homeland. In the past, sugar planters gradually usurped the plains, forcing the Vidunda people into the mountains. During WWII, enemy soldiers massacred large numbers of Vidunda speakers who were hiding in a cave. In recent years, government officials have forbidden farming on top of the mountain. This history of exploitation and abuse has made the Vidunda people very wary of outsiders.

In this language group, more than 60 percent affiliate with Christianity. However, most still fear witchcraft and engage in many kinds of animistic rituals along with their non-believing neighbors. Many Christians still hang amulets on their children to protect them from evil spirits and curses. Because they’ve been hearing Scripture in a language foreign to them, most Vidunda people have little idea what it actually teaches.

The majority of Vidunda speakers still live in fear of spirits rather than experiencing the redemption and freedom they could know in Christ. Non-Christians can’t see much victory or joy in the lives of believers. The Scriptures in their mother tongue will offer believers tools for deliverance from the bondage of fear. It will also support personal spiritual growth and provide a solid foundation from which to reach out to others.

 There are three ways you can help this holiday season (or at anytime, friends – not just during the holidays though I’m focusing on now because ’tis the season for giving):

1)  Be a “prayer partner”:  Commit to praying for: a) The Vidunda project to receive full support, b)  for those doing the work (translators, etc. sometimes in risky areas), c) for all of the projects of OneVerse and d) that more awareness will be brought to OneVerse.

2)  “Gift A Verse” in which for $26, one Bible verse will be translated (chosen by OneVerse) in your recipient’s honor.   They will receive a card including the translated verse along with information on the selected people group who will be receiving it OR

3)  Commit to monthly sponsorship at $26 each month by clicking below:

OneVerse Blogger

I’ll leave you with this video – footage of over 4,000 people, many of them young children, from Ethiopia, watching “The Jesus Movie” for the first time…Pretty much what sealed the deal for me to join this mission…

And yes, of course, it’s Monday.  Thank you, God, for:

641.  An ENTIRE Bible in my own language

642.  Groups like OneVerse who are committed to making disciples of all nations

643.  The translators who work hard to bring truth

644.  People who are supporting the Vidunda project and bringing light into darkness – verse by verse.

645.  Christmas programs

646.  Family Movie Night…

647.  With “Create Your Own Christmas Cookie Night”…

648.  Red, Green, and White sprinkles

649.  Icing

650.  “Mmmm, they’re good,” he says.  “Can I have another one, mama?”

651.  Yes.  Because sometimes we have to throw the rules out and just make a memory.

This week may you savor God’s word in your language.  May you prayerfully consider how to support the Vidunda project – through prayer or resources.  May you remember to remember how good we have it – even on the days that are not so great. (Said more for the lost lamb typing these words, dear friends).

Joining in with Ann and Jen…


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