Of course, you know I would have to talk about The Fern House this holiday season.

Did you know that there are several sex crimes against women in Ghana each year – in fact, too many to count?

Did you know that some Ghanaian citizens believe that having sex with a virgin will cure their HIV?

Did you know that if a young girl becomes pregnant in Ghana, her family will very likely disown her and turn her away thus forcing her to turn to the streets?

Did you know that even if she has an abortion, she will be shunned by her family? 

Did you know that the RU-486 abortion pill is roughly the equivalent to $12 U.S. dollars but here in the states it sells for $550?

Did you know that RU-486’s are often taken incorrectly due to lack of medical supervision and direction therefore some abortions don’t “take” thus making the mother go back for a second, and sometimes third, dose?

Did you know that a man who is known to be the father of a baby can simply just say he isn’t and that’s the end of that?  If he denies paternity, he’s off the hook.

I didn’t know any of this either until I was blessed to have spent some time there this past summer.

My ungrateful eyes were opened and I quickly saw that while they don’t seem to have much, they actually have more.  More joy.  More relationships.  More time and less stress.

Girls as young as 14 have been known to stay at the Fern House, having nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to for help.  Comfort, the director and longtime midwife known in the village of Teshie, brings wisdom and love while her daughter, Mary, runs operations and the “business” part  – record keeping, purchases, medical care.

The Fern House is equipped to sleep 12 women and their babies for a duration of time that is dependent on each individual but likely not to exceed one year.  Residents are given prenatal vitamins, meals, and a place to stay while also receiving counseling and training in a skill that will allow them to provide for their child.

Like any non-profit charity, resources are limited.  Here are three ways you can help The Fern House should you feel led this holiday season:

1)  Pray.  Please, more than anything, pray for God to cover this ministry and provide the right people and resources for it to effectively serve the young women in Teshie and possibly a new home in Chorkor.

2)  “Gift A Mom” – a one-time donation of $35 will provide a mother with prenatal care.

3)  A monthly donation of $30, $50, or $100 is available or you can also choose the amount of your donation

Directions on how to give:

1)  Click here.

2)  Scroll down to “Pregnancy Resoure Center”.

3)  For monthly donations, choose the option you prefer then click “Subscribe”.

4)  For a one-time donation of your own specification, simply click “Donate” and you will be directed to PayPal.

FYI:  Project Global Hope is the umbrella that allows donations to the Fern House to be tax-deductible.


For more information on The Fern House, click here or visit www.thefernhouse.org.

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