Five minutes?  I can handle that as my youngest naps and my middleman plays Mario Cart reads quietly by my side.

Joining with Lisa Jo from The Gypsy Mama for her awesome meme “Five Minute Friday”.  The rules are that we don’t worry so much about editing or being sure that it’s “perfect”.

We just write.

She speaketh my languageth.

This week’s word is:  AWAKE…(But I’m changing mine to “AWAKEN”)


I awaken to the wonder of my dear friends traveling to Ghana and then thankfulness.  Thankfulness that I did indeed decide to stay home  for this one though my heart yearns to walk the dirty streets and see the goats that roam, to hear the thick, tribal accents and eat Jollof rice and chicken.

Coffee emanates heavily in the air and I thank again, quietly singing its praises.

I put one foot on the floor.  It is 6 a.m. and once again, I didn’t get enough sleep.  I curse my night owl ways.

Four inches fell last night and it’s lovely and again I thank for unexpected beauty.

I can’t explain why but when presented with the last minute chance to travel that 13 hour trip to visit a piece of my heart who now calls Africa home, I hear Him.

I hear Him after I look at plane tickets.  I hear Him after I work through details.  As I’m trying to arrange care and logistics for three young children who need to be here and need to be there at certain times and need lunches packed and laundry done and all of the other things that come with this job.

I hear Him loud and clear.

“This job is what you are called to do right now” He says. “This is your CURRENT mission field.  Ghana can wait.”

I can’t explain why the overwhelming urge to be home washed over me like a tidal wave but it did.

So I trust and stay the course of the first mission that I’ve always longed to fulfill.




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