Yes, it ‘s true that I’m a 38 year old mother of three small children.  I drive a minivan.  I say things like “Don’t talk with food in your mouth” and “Your eyes are going to stay that way if you’re not careful!!”

I’m not cool.  Really.  At least I know this about myself and I don’t even TRY to be cool.

But I will say that I do indeed like to feel like I’m put-together.  I’ve noticed that on those days when I haven’t showered and am wearing yoga pants with a hoodie I feel less than stellar about myself and as much as I hate to admit, this impacts my mood.

I feel yuck so I act yuck.  Yuck.

And that’s pretty much what everyone in my house would say about me on those days, too.

The other thing is that I dress for myself – I don’t try to look trendy for the sake of other people.  It’s all for me – when I feel good about how I look, I feel better in general.  I think it’s true for many of us.

So when I saw Hayley Morgan’s new eBook The No Brainer Wardrobe I knew I wanted to read it because well, I need to get dressed in five minutes or less.  I need it to be a no-brainer. And I need it to work.

I was intrigued right away – I loved how Hayley shared a bit of the history of clothing and how, for the first time, we are living in a generation that has access to cute and trendy clothing at an inexpensive price.

This is a good thing for us, yes.  But it’s also a not-so-good thing because then we stuff our closets full of pieces we don’t necessarily need because “it was a good deal”.

I liked Hayley’s style right away because she broke everything down into steps that seemed so do-able and easy to attain.  Speaketh my languageth.

First, she encourages the reader to get her closet ready – get RID of that stuff you don’t wear, haven’t worn, and never will wear.  Let. It. Go.

Secondly, and this is my favorite part, she suggests that you consult Pinterest to determine your own unique style. (Need a Pinterest invite?  Email me at and I’ll hook you up!)

My own style is pretty classic – cowl neck sweaters, capes/panchos, jeans, turtlenecks.  Accessories are my love.

And so I began to “pin away” – I added outfits to “My Style” board and then I decided which looks I would try to duplicate. (To check out my Style board, click here)

Here’s what I truly love about this:  You can start out with a plan before you shop.

Now to some of you, you might be thinking “Umm…, Natalie?  I do that every time I go shopping.”

But for me, well, if I go shopping I like to peruse and if I see something I like and it’s reasonable, I might pick it up.

Which is how I’ve acquired over 25 black shirts of similar style.  Why on earth do I need 25?

The answer?  I don’t.

Hayley suggests creating a “capsule wardrobe” divided into three categories:  The Essentials, The Additions, and The Finishers.

The Essentials are those pieces you would never do without while the Additions are items to layer over the Esesentials.

The Finishers are items that make the outfit fun or special – they should make you excited to wear an outfit.

After analyzing your style,  you’re ready to assess what you already have to work with.  What are your Essentials?  Your Additions?  Your Finishers?  What are your missing pieces that might be an essential?  Do you need a jacket for layering?  Are you low on accessories?

Once you know this, the fun begins.  It’s time to shop and with intentionality!  You are looking for specific things, girl, and you ARE NOT going to buy a black shirt just because it’s black and it’s on sale for $9.99 if you have 25 other black shirts because even if it’s a good deal, you still don’t need it…(This was another point raised by Hayley)

I also like that she takes us inside a Goodwill store and shows us how to shop for what’s on our “inspiration lists” from Pinterest (or anywhere else for that matter!) and also mentions Target as a good place to look as well (because it is.  I heart me some Target.)

It’s do-able, girls, and we don’t have to break the bank to make it work.  Me likey.

Sweet Hayley is giving away one copy of The No-Brainer Wardrobe to one lucky Mommy on Fire reader and will also offer 50% off for the first five readers who download from this here little site…

I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday morning so you have until then to tell me:

What would like to change about your wardrobe?  What is a piece of clothing that’s your “essential”?  Where are the gaps in your wardrobe?

Leave your answers in the comment section, friends.  Mr. Random Generator will pick the winner Tuesday night at 9 p.m. so you have until then.

Now start clearing out those closets, friends!

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