Last week you all completely cracked me up with some of the stuff your boys have said to you…I think I pretty much laughed all day.  Thank you for that,  friends – it was the most-read post here at Mommy on Fire ever.

Before my husband and I decided that I would stay home with our blossoming brood of children, I taught elementary school for ten years.

It’s typical for teachers to get labeled according to their specialty.  For example, my friend Jen was a great reading teacher therefore she often had several struggling readers placed in her class.  Behavior problems went to a strict but loving teacher who was “no-nonsense.”  Children talented in the arts went to the creative. artsy teacher. And so on.

Somehow along the way, I was presented with the label of “good with high energy little boys.”  I often found myself with a class of – you guessed it…squirrely little boys.

Luckily, I didn’t have children at the time and could go home and fall face-first into my bed.

I guess I always assumed we would have all girls when we started to have children – my husband was raised by a single mom and as a dentist, he’s surrounded by female hygienists and assistants.  He always joked that he was predestined to have only girls and I guess I just bought into that idea as well.

Sarah was born first and we seemed to be on our way to fulfilling that prophecy – our line of girls had begun.

So 18 months later when I found  myself pregnant with our second child, I kind of just assumed it would be a girl.

“It’s a….” the ultrasound technician said while moving that wand around my growing stomach.  “Hmmm…I can’t see,” she continued.

“Of course she can’t see because it’s a girl,” I think.

“It’s a boy” the technician exclaimed excitedly.

Wearing a plastic smile, I finished the rest of my appointment and scurried to my car.  Immediately, I called my mom.

“It’s a boy, mom” I shared.  “I don’t know what to do with a boy.”

And that’s when it hit me – He was preparing me.

Isn’t He so funny sometimes?

And so we rejoiced when rough-and-tumble Samuel arrived and I marveled at the difference.  The activity.  The deeper-toned babbles.  The fascination with all things wheels at five months.

When he was six months old, I found myself feeling like I was getting back to being me.  I had lost much of the baby weight and I was adapting to life with two young children under three.

And then I got a bad case of the flu.  That wouldn’t go away.

That flu virus was our third child, Spencer.  Another boy.

And those boys are 15 months apart.

“No, they’re not officially twins but yes, they are”, I reply to the question I’m asked practically every day.

And while I might not have chosen to have a home with more testosterone than estrogen, I’m grateful for God’s plan for our family – I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’ve learned much about being a mom to both genders but today I’ll share the Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Having Boys…

10.  Uninhibited joy is their motto.  Feel like dropping trou in the front yard to run through the sprinkler?  Think nothing of it.

9.  I’ve learned to identify every kind of truck ever made.  Put me on a gameshow and I’ll win it, baby.

8.  Their belly laughs are loud and contagious – you can’t help but join ’em.

7.  I’ve become a pro at answering questions like “Mommy, where’s your penis?”

6.  Their communication style is direct and to the point.  For example, I might say “Stop pulling the dog’s tail.  Now,” in a firm voice accompanied by the “mom look” and they usually stop.  If I start to explain why they shouldn’t pull poor Ellie’s tail and how it’s not showing respect to our animals, their eyes glaze over and they begin to drool.  On the other hand, my daughter is game to discuss every detail – down to the anatomy of the dog’s tail for crying out loud.

5.  A simple bucket of water balloons can offer hours of entertainment.

4.  What is it with this innate desire to urinate outside?  And yet I love that they know where that special corner is in our backyard…

3.  After bath snuggles on the couch with fresh-smelling boys clad in Superhero jammies I’m in heaven.

2.  Intense interest in snakes.  And mummies.  And outer space.  And anything else that qualifies in the nonfiction department and is “super cool.”

1.  Being asked “Mommy, when I grow up, will you marry me?”  Even if it does indeed come from our youngest who is a bit of a brown-noser, I still melt.  Every time.

And while I still fall into my bed face-first at the end of the day, there’s no greater joy than hearing the giggles of those boys and that one little girl who’s become very tough…

What about you?  What do you love about having boys?


Top Ten {Tuesday}


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