It’s true that on most days, I’m tired.

It’s true that often my children think a laundry basket is their dresser.

It’s true that I feel like I’m constantly moving stuff around my house in a perpetual cycle that never ends.

It’s true that I didn’t envision motherhood to be like this.

And the twisted part of it all?  I wouldn’t do anything else.

I love being able to be home with my three young children.  I love to hear their giggles and answer their curious questions and I thank God they spend more time with me than anyone else.

Or should I not?

Because friends, there are days that I just don’t feel like I’m cut-out for this life. 

I just want a break, you know?  I want to be able to go the bathroom and not have three little people and a dog following me.  I want to walk out of my house and spend a weekend with just a good book and a cozy bed.  I just want a reprieve.

Enter a new eBook by my sweet friends Stacey Thacker from 29 Lincoln Avenue and Brooke McGlothlin from A Life In Need of Change.

Entitled Hope For The Weary Mom, after reading it, I felt, well…there’s hope.

I am not alone.

I don’t have to feel guilty that I’m not enjoying every single second of having young children.

My feelings of “I just can’t do this one more day” are normal.

And isn’t that what we all just want to know, really?  That we’re normal?

Isn’t that what we are hoping to hear from our child’s teacher during parent-teacher conferences?  Yes, they are doing well but are they normal?

We possess an innate desire to know that we are not alone.

Until someone has the courage to speak-up, to share the truth in a way that’s transparent and real, we are left feeling like there’s something wrong with us.  We are flawed and surely we’re in the minority here, right?  Surely everyone else has it all together and we’re the only ones that can’t find our way out of a paper bag.

Stacey and Brooke have had the courage to step out and be real, to share what so many are scared to admit, to be the ones to assure us that we’re not alone and that, gasp, we are indeed normal.

Which is how I felt when I read Brooke’s essay entitled “Beer and Cigarettes” in which she explains how one day, after nursing a baby and juggling an almost-two-year old, she called her husband and told him to come home with beer and cigarettes.  I can so relate to this.

Girls, if you feel like you just can’t pick up the Bumblebee Transformer one more time or you’re  feeling like you may never catch up on the mountain of laundry dispersed throughout the house, then you too are a weary mom – just like me.

Give your soul a treat and know that you, my friend, are completely normal.

Would you like to win a copy of Hope For The Weary Mom?  If so, tell me in the comment section 1) What you love about motherhood? and 2) What makes you feel the weariest?

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning!

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