So I said I would be back sometime LAST week but well…

I wasn’t.  Clearly.  And I’m sure you were on the edge of your seat waiting for my return to the blogosphere.

The thing is, that Toth Ministries retreat I attended last weekend?  Rocked. My. World.

In a very good and much-needed way.

One of my biggest takeaways was the internal need we all possess to worship our Creator and how this really doesn’t have to be on just Sunday mornings.  It can be daily, several times a day, friends.

Maybe you knew this but me?  Well, you all know I’m a slow-learner.

Much is stirring and changing in my ministries at the moment and while it’s a relief and I’m thankful it’s also a bit scary.  Change, you know.

After two long years of He and I wrestling like He did with Jacob so long ago, I feel Him saying, “OK. Now.”

I get to write.  Really write.  And while I’ll still write here and very likely always will, it won’t be as often because it’s time to focus on two book proposals I’ll be presenting to publishers this summer at the She Speaks Conference.

So would you please pray for me, friends?  That God will deliver whatever message He wants to deliver through me, that I will merely be His vessel, that He will decide how to get it into the hands of others whether it be through traditional publishing or eBooks or smoke-signals.  I’m open to whatever He has planned.

Would you kindly give yourself a gift today?  Would you please take a moment and listen to one of my favorite worship songs and watch the beautiful video?  It’s a little over four minutes, but again friends – we need to worship each day. Consider this yours.


And it’s been a while so I must get back to counting my gratitudes because, well, they’re ridiculously abundant…Thank you, God, for:

671.  Toth Ministries and their commitment to the Holy Spirit

672.  Time with two precious friends in the mountains of Colorado

673.  Taking joy in Him by sledding with my newly-found sisters – now when was the last time you saw a grown woman sled down a mountain?

674.  Uninhibited worship

675.  Fresh eyes to see

676. Those sweet DEPENDS girls in Denver – thank you for so warmly welcoming me.

677.  Books that make me laugh so hard while I’m in bed that my husband gets mad at me for keeping him up – Seven by Jen Hatmaker is so worth your time, friends.

678.  Your truth, Jesus.  You are the only way.  No exceptions. You make that abundantly clear.  Thank you for that.

679.  Mary Lou’s Donuts, why you gotta be so good?  Don’t you know I have ten pounds to shed before I go on a much-needed vacay with my man?

680.  Those beautiful things you make out of dust.

This week may you bask in the beauty He has made in you.  Out of dust.  Let your light shine, sisters.



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