Apparently, this was the best Easter photo we could muster.  We tried.

It’s amazing how much I have been looking forward to getting back to this place now that I don’t view it as a job.

Suddenly, I began to feel like I HAD to write and not that I WANTED to write.

Have-to’s are never good for me.  Talk about stifling.

When I started this soft place to land I didn’t think about establishing a readership (though I adore you and admit that you’re an unexpected blessing I never realized could occur in this bloggy world).  I didn’t know about social media and certainly never thought about having “followers”.  To type that makes me laugh.

Instead, I thought of a place where I could bring my heart.  A place to share those moments of swirling joy that grab me by the hand and stubbornly summon me to bask in its glory.  Moments when the darkness envelopes my soul and threatens to keep it’s suffocating arms wrapped firmly around my neck.

Moments in which I reveal what’s true and real and a part of who I am – the good, the bad, and so very often, the ugly.

So after a much-needed few weeks to focus on perspective and decide what is truly important in this season of raising young people, I find myself yearning to come back.  To return to this soft place and get back to why I began in the first place.

And it’s true that I won’t be posting four times a week like the days of yore but it’s also true that I’ll be here because I want to and not because it’s one more thing on an already-full plate.

That, my friends, makes me just want to breathe deeper.

A few months ago, I purchased a New Testament translation called “The Voice” after perusing the books available during the Toth Ministries Women’s Retreat.  I didn’t think much about it at the time – it just looked good and it wasn’t expensive so I bought it.

It has opened my eyes to passages I once glossed right over and it’s allowed me to see connections between passages I never knew were connected.

Wake up, O Sleeper indeed.

I have been drawn to the book of Matthew and would love to share what God has been revealing to me during the past few weeks.  Come back later this week and we’ll begin. (Or maybe even tomorrow – who knows when the whim will hit?)

In the meantime, shall I continue my list of gratitudes?

Be joyful always; pray continuously; give thanks in all circumstances… – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Thank you, Jesus, for:

701.  The Holy Spirit you so freely give when we choose you (But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you…Acts 1:8)

702.  A friend that reaches across a table and grabs my hand.

703.  A husband who sends me encouraging texts just because.

704.  Friends who support and love and travel to funky wine-tasting bars with me.

705.  Time in the woods to just be and commune and have fun with precious friends who have become like family.

706.  Loud giggles over the new Slip ‘N’ Slide in the back yard that lasted all of 30 minutes before it was ripped beyond repair.

707.  The mud bath that ensued following the rip that was more fun than the Slip ‘N’ Slide.

708.  Cozy sighs in the warm bubbles following the said mud bath and a certain three year old who said “Mommy’s boo-ful” above the running water.

709.  A giggly girl who is silly and sweet and sassy all rolled into one and isn’t quite sure if she’s big or little but throws herself around her mama for big hugs and quiet conversations.

710.  A husband who gives the gift of being able to be home and present.  Thank you, true north, for allowing it to be me that takes them to the park in the morning and to the doctor.  Thank you for the gift of attending study trips and lunches in the cafeteria and seeing faces light up for unexpected surprises.  Gifts indeed.

This week may you slow down and look for margin.  Yes.  Margin.  The extra spaces between activities that make it so you aren’t in a hurry.  May you eliminate hurry so you can hear Him.  He’s always talking.

We just have to slow down so we can hear Him.

Joining in with Ann…

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