She Speaks GraduateA bit presumptuous?  Yes but I couldn’t find a button that just said “She Speaks”…HA!

It is now the third consecutive summer I have registered for “She Speaks” which is a very well-respected conference for speakers and writers put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries.

I have yet to attend.

Two years ago, fear got the best of me and I found several reasons as to why I shouldn’t go.  It wasn’t difficult – I was looking for ’em.

Last year, I went to Ghana and when I returned, the thought of spending $800 to attend a Conference was unfathomable.

Truthfully, I think it still is.

And yet.

I want to go this year.  I have a sweet roommate who is a dear friend.  I have an idea for a book proposal that MUST GET WRITTEN SOON ( I do my finest work at the midnight hour.  Literally and figuratively.)  And? I have an appointment with a publisher.

Recently, some things came up that will cause us to financially not be able to pay for both “She Speaks” and this other fly on the radar.  I must choose.

Or must I?

I’m placing it in His hands if He wants me there this year.  He knows I’ve been trying but He also knows, as do I, that it’s HIS timing and not mine.

Would you please pray that God will make it clear if I am to be there this year?  Would you also please pray that funds will become available? There is still $700 needed and while this is a huge amount to me, it’s never been an obstacle to Him.  My dear aforementioned friend, Erin, who is to be my roommate, has this quote on her Facebook page:

“Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of what God put in you. If He speaks it, He will fulfill it. – Pastor Steve Furtick

So in a nutshell, I’m waiting for HIM to speak before I go to “She Speaks”.

Prayer is most important and the number one thing I humbly ask you to do to support this endeavor should you be willing.

If you feel led to sponsor me on any level, well, I humbly thank you for that, too.

Either way – I thank you for believing in me.

And if it’s not in His plan for me to be in Concord, North Carolina in July?  I will try again next year.

Thank you, sweet friends, for sticking with me lately.  The content here hasn’t been as rich or as frequent as I would like but I do feel a fresh new stir and it’s revitalizing me.

The exhale is reviving.

And I thank Him for breathing new life and opening a new chapter whose words He’s not ready to reveal quite yet.

Have a restful weekend filled with margin, sisters.  You deserve it.



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