These words are not authored by me.  I would count them as words I wish I had written but alas, they are not and I don’t know who did.

This prayers was given to me by a MOPS mom at our last meeting.  She received it in preparation for her child’s first communion.

Five lines in I was in tears.

May you be blessed.

My God, source of all Life,

Thank you for the blessing you gave me when you entrusted me with children.

I have tried faithfully to live up to your expectations.

It is not for me but for each of them that I pray care for them in your great kindness.

Wherever I am lacking,

supply the blessing of your protection. 

You see the sincere love of my caring,

small as it is,

Compared with what they need and deserve.

In the name of this love,

Keep them, along the path of life,

free from evil,

and make them always strong, happy, and loving.

All of them, without distinction,

are a part of my being.

My God, I want them to be better than I am.

In the midst of the rich opportunities of Life,

may they count on your powerful help.

Every day, as I pray for my needs, my God,

I am actually praying for them.

In total confidence I place them

under your divine parental care.



Happy Mother’s Day, Mama Friends.  Happy Mother’s Day to those who are not mom’s of children but mom’s of other forms of life – mom’s of ministries that impact the kingdom, mom’s of legions of children they could never birth physically, mom’s who breathe words of life to everyone they meet.

Motherhood is not limited to birthing and adoption.  It takes many forms and this day is for you as well.

May you relish in this sweet gift today.

Thank you to these three who make me a mama…

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