I’m rendered speechless when kindred spirits intersect with big dreams of carrying out His work.

Ideas generate into the wee hours.

Stories of on-our-knees moments permeate the very early morning hours while we wear big bags under our eyes and comfy jammies. 

We’re tired but no one dares to go to bed.

Some of us have known one another for a few years now while others  just met an hour ago.

But when kindred spirits come together an hour can soon feel like a year and two years, well, that might as well be since birth.

We do ministry together. A techie-sort of ministry that involves words like “Disqus” and “WordPress templates” mixed with the salt and pepper of meeting with publishers that can darn-near ship us over the edge.

And while we don’t have the privilege of doing everyday life together, we do know one another’s stories and we spur one another on when someone asks, “Is it worth it?”

That someone is all of us at some moment in time.

We’re Heart Sisters because we “get” each other.  But most importantly, we’re Heart Sisters because we’re first trying to “get” Him.

When we seek to “get” Him? Everything else falls into place.

No, it’s not a guarantee that life will be easier.  But it is a guarantee that we’ll have the tools for when it’s not.

And the right people by our side cheering us on.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. – Hebrews 10:24

Note:  All of these photos I flat-out lifted off of my new Heart Sister’s site because, for crying out loud, I forgot my camera.

You MUST visit Jacquie at Mercy Found Me!

Left to Right:

Michelle, Katie, Jacquie, Denise, yours truly, Erin

Left to right: Me, Denise

Left to Right:  Joanne, Julie, Michelle, Katie, Denise, Me, Denise, Jacquie

Left to Right:  Me, Erin

What are you doing now to help you “get” Him?  Let’s spur one another on!




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