Here’s one I must hear almost each day to simply remember that He WANTS me to go to Him ALWAYS. No matter what.*

No matter how many times I’ve raised my voice at my children.

No matter how snippy I might have been with my husband.

No matter how dirty my house might be or how many loads of laundry I’m attempting to fold or how many hours I spend in the car getting kids where they need to go.

And sometimes?  That means putting the dishes down, or the laundry, or any of the other “insignificant” things I do that don’t seem to matter in the overall scope of eternity (but really actually do, I know) and flee into His arms.

He is a God who sees and He is one that just wants us to go to Him.


I pray you will gift yourself with four minutes of these words that, if you’re like me, you probably need to hear each day.

*  As I typed the first sentence, I mistakenly typed “home” for the word “Him” in the sentence “He WANTS me to go to Him ALWAYS.”  Don’t you love how He works?  He wants me to go to “home” ALWAYS?  He IS home. 

What songs move you closer to God?

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