During one particular evening last week, the mood in our home was a little somber. The children didn’t really notice it but inside, JJ and I were a bit concerned and a little unsettled over some recent events.

We seated ourselves around the dinner table and carried on with our regular chatter about the day.

Spencer wanted the floor.  As the youngest, he always wants the floor and sees it as his role to be the entertainer of our family.

“Why can’t I…Why can’t I…” he said repeatedly, roughly six times.

It was so very obvious he had no idea what he wanted to say but just desired all eyes to be on him.  He had to think fast.

Suddenly, it hit him.

“Why can’t I do Zumba?” he inquires.

It was completely the comic relief we needed.

The answer is, Spencer, you CAN and SHOULD do Zumba. If we as believers only socialize with other believers and our children only go to school with believers and we stop doing the non-church related hobbies we once did before we became believers, what on earth are we doing?  How is this reaching past ourselves?

This video was shared by our pastor this past Sunday (I’m so thankful for Riverside Covenant Church and it’s commitment to being the hands and feet).

Jesus did not come for the well. He came for the sick.

Enjoy – it’s only 2 minutes and 38 seconds long…

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