So as we are talking about the new mercies He gives us each day, what better song to feature than this?

Perhaps you have heard it before – it’s a little more mainstream than what I typically post for Worship Wednesday but it’s congruency to the Lamentations 3 verse we are studying made it the obvious choice.

The lyrics never fail to shake me a bit.  In a good way.  The kind of way in which you just need to sit down for a minute because you forgot the power of who He is in the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

The scenes from this particular YouTube clip are from a movie entitled “The Gospel of St. John”. I’ve never heard of it but after watching this video, it’s on my list of movies to watch when the snow starts to fall.

Watching Him in these clips reminded me of how tender and compassionate He was to those others deemed unworthy.  The actor playing Jesus does a beautiful job of portraying His, well . . . mercy.

Enjoy – may you feel His new mercies and His unfailing compassions and you go about your day today…


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