It had been a long time since I allowed Him to romance me.

We’ve been in a dry spell, He and I. Only He didn’t go anywhere.

But His lamb had strayed and the unmistakable rod began to nudge on an unseasonably warm December day in the Midwest.

Walks are the way we commune.  I hear Him more fully when I’m in His creation.

I deeply inhale what is Him until my lungs can’t take anymore and I’m forced to release what is me.

More of You, Lord.  Less of me. With every inhale and exhale, this is my prayer.

He always plays the DJ during our time together.  An iPod on shuffle never fails to deliver His intimate message.

Last night was no different.

The second song He played was “Only You” by David Crowder Band.  After hearing it once, I marinated in the words and moved the setting to repeat.

We stroll along and I worship Him as He paints a breathtaking sunset that encircles my steps.

Sometimes, no oftentimes, I just need to hear it over and over again until it can start to even make a crack in the skull of a very slow learner who desperately needs His Son.

So I walk and we dance and I forget why I ever strayed in the first place and He fills me with His grace because that’s the way He rolls.

And that’s how He rolls with you, too.

What songs are moving  you these days?

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