I have this weird, bittersweet thing going on about my kids going back to school on Monday.

Hear me out on this—I love my children. Fiercely.

But it’s true that I need me a little space. School provides that space and I think I’m probably a better mother because of it.

Let there be spaces in your togetherness. (A little Khalil Gibran reference for you. Brilliant words.)

However, I have to come clean with you today: after the past two weeks, I get the whole home-schooling thing.

I was much less stressed out.  I got way more rest. And we created wonderful memories as a family.


We swam at a swanky hotel in Chicago where we pulled up to the valet in a trashed minivan and carried a garbage bag of blankets and pillows we HAD to take with us.  Using a gift card that was three years old, we giggled over our misplacement among fur coats and proper etiquette.  I’m pretty sure my youngest yelled “POOP!” in the lobby at one point but I don’t know because I’ve repressed it.


I marveled at the growth of my oldest baby, born almost eight years ago and becoming such a . . . person. I’m no longer just her caregiver—ours has blossomed into a mutual relationship as I realize not only do I really love her but I also really like her. A lot.



We were mesmerized by jellyfish at the Shedd Aquarium . . .


We met new friends with questionable exteriors . . .


We made snow angels followed by hot chocolate. I might have made a snow angel over the top of dog poop. Glamour, people. Glamour.


And we dealt with a dog that is getting sassier and sassier as she ages further into her golden years.

No, I didn’t have to do any schooling so I realize these past two weeks haven’t been a complete picture of what it would be like to home-school and no, I still don’t want to home-school.

But I finally get the attraction.

What about you, friends?  What have you enjoyed during this holiday season?

Joining in with a new link-up I discovered just last night at “Homegrown Learners” . . .

Homegrown Learners

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