Five Minute Friday


It’s been a while since I last participated in Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday – where we just write to write. Unedited. For five minutes only.

It can sometimes be a scary free association but then, that’s sort of the point.

So . . . here goes . . . GO:

DIVE . . .

Right into the unexpected, the deep end.  Feet first.

Fear might sneak in and threaten try to shake your confidence. It will tell you you probably shouldn’t, or there’s someone better for the job, and who do you think you are anyway?

Don’t listen. He’s sneaky like that and when we give him the time of day, he makes us shrink further and further from those refreshing waters that we wouldn’t even know could be refreshing unless we kiss him good-bye.

Dive into the new and embrace change. There’s just so much that we can’t control anyway. Some of my fiercest battles have been a result from resisting change and when I finally embraced it, I discovered how good it could really be. His plan is always good.

Even when it hurts.

My youngest child is a bit of a picky eater. OK, so he’s a lot of a picky eater.

His imposed-by-me resolution for the new year is to try new foods. He will eat what’s served him because I’m not running a restaurant here, you know. (I add “sweetheart” on the end of this when I say it to him because it always sounds so much nicer when I add “sweetheart.” Pick up your room or there will be a consequence, sweetheart.)

The other night he tried a taco bowl for the first time.  He loved it.

We’ve had taco bowls for years. All this time, he had been missing out on their goodness.

What goodness do you miss if you don’t just dive-in?

What are you afraid of?

Dream for a minute. Then kick fear in the teeth.

And dive in.


Want to read more about diving today?  Visit Lisa Jo and the bevy of lovely writers writing on the same . . .



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