May I confess something to you? I am so not a morning person.

And I never have been. Ever. Ever.

I’m a night-owl and I come by it naturally – I arrived in this world on the evening of September 6, 1973 and from what my poor mother tells me, I liked to party all night.

Which was fine and all . . . until I had children of my own.

They get up early, those kids. Really early. Like 6:30-on-a-Saturday early.

For a night-owl that goes to bed at one in the morning, this ain’t too pretty of a scene.

When I don’t wake up before my children during the school year, I feel frazzled. Unorganized. Rushed.

And when I’m frazzled, unorganized, and rushed I get snappy, mean, and impatient.

Not really how I want my children to start their day. It’s not really how I want to start my day, either.

I’ve pressed my nose against the window blanketing the world those morning people inhabit. They get up around 5:30 and ever-so-peacefully sip their coffee while reading their Bibles or they exercise or they, gasp, get an hour of writing time in before the children wake-up.

I put my hand on the glass and long to break-through and become “one of them” but until this year, I remained on the outside, peering into a life that I knew would never be for me.

This past summer, God began to suggest a change that would make me not as snippy and rushed in the morning before getting my children off to school.

Get. Up. Earlier.  He didn’t whisper it either.

I yelled “Boooooooooooo!” and tried to pretend I didn’t hear Him.

Then I went to She Speaks and hung-out with Katie Orr from Hello Mornings.

Hello Mornings was started by Kat from Inspired to Action as a way to motivate others to get up a little earlier in the morning and either read, exercise or plan your day.  Or all three. Or just one or two.

It appealed to me because the first week, they simply recommended we rise at least five minutes before our children do.

When Katie shared this, I thought she might be speaking my language.

She asked me to become an Accountability Coordinator for Hello Mornings and I said yes. The rest is history. Truly.

Because I started getting up earlier.

I don’t always have a ton of time to exercise or read my Bible for an hour, but at least I’m up before my children and I have a moment of quiet before the chaos ensues.

Most certainly, the snappiness is less and I’m much less stressed than I was when we were flying out the door with a half-packed lunch and grouchy words.

There are FOUR spaces that remain in the group for the Winter Challenge starting on Jan. 28 and if you feel led to make some positive changes and be a part of a wonderful community of women, act fast. The group is being led mostly by my friend Kerri but I will be popping in here and there to interact as well.

There are no hard rules. Just get up a bit before your kids do. Check-in with our Facebook group and say good morning or whatever you want to say. Interact as your schedule allows.

It’s about community. Really. The getting up earlier part is just icing on the cake.

Click here to register and if you have questions, click here for more information on Hello Mornings.  You can also email me at ncsnapp at gmail dot com.





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